Adidas motion control running shoes (May 2017)

A great number of professional runners and fitness enthusiasts swear by the globally renowned brand, Adidas, as justified by 100,000+ shoe reviews, because it features top notch shoe collections packed with the best innovations to facilitate better performance and comfort in every run. The shoe manufacturer is dedicated to solve the pronation issues of flat-footed runners. For more information about the best Adidas motion control shoes, take a look at the reviews.

Why over pronators should invest in the best Adidas motion control shoes?

  • Motion control shoes are known for their premium cushioning in the midsole. If you want maximum comfort without sacrificing support, the best choices for you would be Adidas motion control shoes. They are packed with technologies to help you facilitate a well-protected and stable ride on the road or trail.
  • Motion control shoes are versatile because of their cushioned platforms. You can use them for high mileage runs, recovery runs, cross training and even casual wear. However, its versatility would be useless if you are a neutral pronator. If you have medium to high arches, look at the neutral shoe collections.
  • Over pronation is common among runners with semi-low to low arches. It could lead to discomfort or an inward rolling motion if you do not use motion control shoes. The midsole of the best Adidas motion control shoes has better medial support as compared to stability or neutral shoes. The arch structure will decelerate pronation and facilitate an efficient gait cycle.
  • You can expect less flexibility from motion control shoes, but this is compensated by the solid support and stability in the midsole.
  • With the stability features of the best Adidas motion control shoes, you can enjoy Teutonic support. During running, the stress on the quadriceps will naturally ease out to reduce overall discomfort.

How can flat-footed runners determine the best Adidas motion control shoes?

  • Stiff Heel. When choosing among motion control shoes, ask for models with stiffer heels. A stiff heel will hold your foot in place while running, so you do not need to worry about instability. This feature adds to the overall support of the shoe and decelerates the inward rolling foot motion caused by over pronation. The heel design in Adidas motion control shoes includes the UltraStrike feature and the Formotion Heel System.
  • Midsole Cushioning. You should pick motion control shoes with premium cushioning to get a balance of comfort, stability and ground protection. Some of the cushioning technologies from Adidas include the Phylite foam, Phylon foam and the EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) material.
  • Medial Support. The arch structure of your shoes should be enough to decelerate or control over pronation. Find the best Adidas motion control shoes with decent medial support in the forms of TPU shanks or the Torsion System. Aside from pronation control, the medial support also improves torsional rigidity during the heel to toe transition.