4 best Adidas competition running shoes (November 2017)

528 runners reviewed these shoes with an average score of 92/100

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Adidas has captured the heart of the active community by being passionate in manufacturing and improving their performance line of running shoes; some of which are ranked highly in more or less 100, 000 reviews by runners. Merging style and sports potential in feature-packed platforms, Adidas shoes are one of the top choices for fitness enthusiasts and athletes on the market.

How can the best Adidas competition shoes help your trail and track performance?

  • Competition shoes are technically categorized under trail and track. Adidas features some of the best racing options on the market suited for varied terrain. When in doubt, you can read reviews about Adidas racing shoes before finalizing your purchase.
  • Competition shoes normally have a minimal technical construction to reduce their overall weight. Since lighter shoes are suited for speed training, you can expect a bare-bones profile when trying out the best Adidas race shoes.
  • Since a race platform only features minimal shoe technologies, you can pursue a natural running movement. Enjoy better ground contact or test out the flexibility for your speed training or racing.
  • The best Adidas race shoes are known for their versatility. Their primary purpose is for speed training and racing. However, you can also use them for minimalist running, casual purposes and even for sports, like golf or tennis.
  • The outsole configuration of the best Adidas race shoes commonly feature spikes. You can configure your own sole treading or run without them. Using the spike configuration improves your traction on the track, while skipping them provides versatility on other even ground.
  • Racing shoes from Adidas commonly have a stylish flair. You can pick from various designs and colors to suit your athletic attitude.

What factors should you consider in buying the best Adidas competition shoes?

  • Fit. Competition shoes should be flexible and minimal enough to mimic the foot motion. The best Adidas race shoes provide a comfortable fit, so runners could have more freedom for splaying and flexing, and better ground contact as well. The fit technologies from the brand are as follows: FitFoam Technology, HUG System and GeoFit technology among others.
  • Responsiveness. If you want to pursue racing, you need to develop a forefoot strike or a mid-foot strike. These strike types are better to build momentum and improve propulsion. You can develop them by choosing the best Adidas race shoes with firm and responsive midsole/ outsole cushioning. Some of the cushioning technologies for race shoes include the Phylite foam and EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate) foam.
  • Weight. One of the parameters to consider in choosing a race shoe is the weight. Find the perfect balance between weight and shoe technologies to ensure a speedy performance on the track or trail. Ideally, your race shoes should not go over 150 grams for the track and 200 grams for the trail.