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9 reasons to buy

  • Several online reviewers love the overall “dad shoe” design and unique details of the Puma x Transformers RS-X.
  • Majority of reviewers recommend this shoe to sneakerheads and avid fans of the Transformers franchise.
  • Many are happy that it is very reasonably priced.
  • Many reviewers describe the collaboration as a “fun,” “eye candy,” “must cop,” and “fire” design that will definitely elevate the wearer’s look.
  • Some reviewers appreciate the attention to detail from the box packaging to the Transformers-inspired detailing on the shoe.
  • A big lot of reviewers say the shoe is easy to put on and off, thanks to its pull tabs at the tongue and back heel.
  • Just like most RS-X shoes, numerous wearers say Puma RS-X Transformers is very comfortable.
  • Some people like that it came with an extra pair of laces and removable insole for customization.
  • One purchaser mentioned that his pair was very sturdy and looks like it will last a long time.

2 reasons not to buy

  • Several testers complain that Puma x Transformers RS-X trainers fit too snugly.
  • A few reviewers say that Puma should release more of this special edition sneaker as it immediately sells out.

Bottom line

The Puma RS-X x Transformers is yet another great collab entered into by the brand which seems to be on quite a roll recently. These chunky kicks were dropped at an opportune time when “dad shoes” are the rave of the sneaker world.

Combining heritage aesthetics from the RS-X, the Transformers-inspired design has been tagged as stylish, comfortable, durable, and breathable by its wearers. The affordable price,  eye-catching colorways, unique chunky design and well made construction are enough reasons to cop a pair.



A top rated sneaker
A top rated Puma sneaker
It has never been more popular than this June

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Fit & Sizing

These Puma xTransformers RS-X sneakers are unisex, but the measurements are based on men’s sizes. Women need to take their usual Puma shoe size and subtract 1.5 sizes from it to get their equivalent in men’s. Putting on the shoes is quite easy with the help of the tongue pulls and the unique heel tabs.

The chunky dad shoe trend gets a big boost with the Puma x Transformers collaboration. The Puma RS-X Transformers gives off that retro runner vibe that gets a modern upgrade with the thick soles, color-blocking, and signature Optimus Prime- and Bumblebee-inspired colorways. There is no need to think overmuch about your outfit. Keep it simple because the shoes will dress your ensemble for you.

While the yellow color in the Bumblebee colorway seems to be visually popping, it doesn't overwhelm the senses and instead works effectively in becoming the centerpiece of a person’s outfit. The same goes with the striking blues and reds of the Optimus Prime shoes combined with the varying textures of the fabrics. A tee and jogger, or jeans, and shorts, as well as tracksuits or cropped pants with plain toppers match well with these shoes.

Riding on the current wave of chunky shoes, the Puma x Transformers RS-X silhouette features thick bulky midsoles that contain lots of padding. Unlike other dad shoes, however, these buck the ‘ugly look.’ The bulky profile actually works here along with the cool solid and translucent hues that make up the uppers of the shoes.

Texture abounds in this RS-X edition. It’s a non-stop texture fest from the toes to the heels in look and feel, and somehow, the design manages to pull it off amazingly. There is not much tech in the shoes aside from the 80s RS tech on the midsole that delivers stability and comfort, but really, when you’ve got an Optimus Prime or Bumblebee collab on your feet, would you really need anything else?

The Puma RS-X sneaker traces its roots from the RS-100 sneaker which came out in 1986. RS or Running System was a high-quality cushioning technology developed by the brand as a solution to demands of the running community for footwear with stability features.

After the release of the RS-100, an advanced shoe for its time during its release, Puma also launched the Puma RS Computer Shoe which was also futuristic in a sense because it gave runners the ability to compute and improve performance. The shoe has an embedded chip that allows to record running time, distance, and calories burned. Once plugged into a 1980s popular computer, namely an Apple, IBM or Commodore, it computes the wearer’s running performance. The 1980s was an exciting year for Puma as the German brand also released other running shoes like the Puma RS-350 which launched in 1987 featuring a slimmer design with additional rubber details on the heel.

  The RS Series’ resurrection and the birth of the RS-X

After three decades, Puma resurrected several shoes in 2018 under its RS Series as a tribute to the 1980s heritage runners. Among the first designs that came out include the Puma RS-0 sneakers. Upgrading the Puma RS-0, the brand released the Puma RS-X a few months later into the Puma RS-X. The letter X stands for extreme, exaggerated, and remixed.

The Puma RS-X also became a recent backdrop for the collaboration with the Transformers franchise which has been around since 1984. While it could have been cooler to also include Decepticons in the concept, the brand came out with two of the most popular characters, Optimus Prime and Bumblebee.

The special edition version of the puma RS-X features Transformers branding all over the shoe from the box packaging to the insoles and the back heel Autobots metallic logo. The Puma RS-X Transformers Bumblebee has a yellow and grey colorway combination with a white sole while the Optimus Prime edition was decked out in red and blue on a base of white. The timely release of the bulky new silhouette with a chunky sole and thick platform was well-received as the dad sneaker trend continues to be fashionable in the sneaker world.

  • Pull tabs at the tongue and back heel allows for easy entry and exit.
  • Upper consists of mesh and textile with nubuck overlays.
  • It has a molded removable sockliner with RS Puma and Transformers logo.
  • RS Running System branding detail on the back side.
  • Printed Puma Formstrip on the side while translucent and thick rubber overlays can be found on the shoe.
  • Each shoe comes with 2 sets of laces.

Danny McLoughlin
Danny McLoughlin

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