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10 reasons to buy

  • Several of the online consumers attest to the sneakers' comfort.
  • A high number of users remark that each detail of the shoe is eye-catching and made to perfection.
  • These are worth every penny according to a couple of online commenters.
  • One notes that one should expect attention when wearing the Puma x Hello Kitty Women's Suede.
  • The unique style catches the attention of numerous buyers.
  • Some of the shoppers want to preserve and retain the state of the shoe by keeping it under a glass and displaying it. One bought the normal Puma Suedes to not mess up with her original pair.
  • These are a must-have for any Hello Kitty fan.
  • A couple of those who bought love the bow detailing at the bottom of the shoe.
  • The design of these sneakers is described as cute by one tester without being over the top.
  • The packaging and the shoelaces are some of the details that one cannot miss.

2 reasons not to buy

  • The back part of the shoe is quite stiff and hits the bone on the ankle.
  • According to one user, the Hello Kitty Women's Suede is narrower than the Basket Suede Heart.

Bottom line

Throughout Puma Suede's 50 years of existence, it has been a relevant silhouette that has usually been reinvented in funky and athletic-focused collaborations. During its 50th year of celebration, the release of series of partnerships with different iconic brands lets its fans see different sides of this silhouette. At $95 a pair, Hello Kitty fans can show off one of the pieces and look good at the same time.



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Along with its women's specific design, the Puma x Hello Kitty Suede is a sneaker that is available in sizes 4-12 M. Although these sneakers run true to size, its low-top silhouette provides a narrow fit. Because of this, it is recommended to go half or a size higher for that optimum fit.

When two huge icons integrate, it is most likely an anticipated one. Hello Kitty was launched not long after the release of the Puma Suede. Although both marked their significance in their fields, this collaboration shows that both parties have no signs of stopping.

The timeless silhouette gets injected with fun and quirky graphics from Hello Kitty. Each detail shouts anything that is attributed to the famous whimsical character. Starting from its upper that is clad in Hello Kitty and milk bottle prints, contrasted with the signature bold red leather stripe, these sneakers show that each of its detail, even though stands on its own, remain to be consistent with the overall aesthetic of the shoe. To highlight each, it is best to style these with a simple outfit.

During the initial launch of the Puma Suede, it gained much attention for its suede upper, an unusual material to be used on sneakers during its time. The sneaker poses different advantages, making it a strategic element to use on a shoe. Aside from its text that upgrades the aesthetic, suede also is known for its level of durability compared to canvas sneakers. The Puma x Hello Kitty Suedes gets the same level of quality, only styles in a kawaii way.

One of the most recognizable silhouettes throughout history, the PUMA Suede comes off from the vision of Rudolph Dassler in 1948 of making high-quality footwear that is for casual and athletic purposes. Launched in 1968, these sneakers grabbed attention for being ahead of its time because of its unique suede upper, making it stand out from the usual canvas and leather that is sported on regular sneakers.

The Puma Suede also took part in the history when athlete Tommie Smith wore it on the 1968 Olympic Games in Mexico and received his award and raised his fist defiantly to show support for human rights. In 1973, the Suedes became popular as it went beyond track and field and was worn by rebel basketball athlete Walt "Clyde" Frazier. Because of this, it also became adopted by the streets. Its style relevance transcended across the '80s, '90s, and 00s favored among the creatives.

In celebration of its 50th anniversary, the brand teamed up with different icons of different generations. Some of the partners include MAC, MCM, Big Sean, and Hello Kitty.

  • As part of this collaboration, the same design is offered in kids' and babies' sizes.
  • The laces of the Puma x Hello Kitty women's Suede are composed of recycled materials.
  • The collection comes with different accessories like a shirt, hoodie, sweatpants, bag, and cap.
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