Top: Low
Inspired from: Basketball
Collaboration: Careaux
Collection: Puma Mostro
Price: $120
Small True to size Large
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The Puma x Careaux Mostro offers the same standard fit as the primary model. The low-top shoe features a zig-zag strap that has a hook-and-loop closure that provides a custom fit. The women’s sneaker is in medium width.

Living up to its predecessor’s reputation, the Puma x Careaux Mostro proves that it can definitely “walk in the line between sport and style.” The originator of this low-top sneaker displays the image of a fusion of “practicality, flexibility, and tight-fitting” that builds up its ability to function not just as a performance sneaker but also as a fashion sneaker. Those characteristics are passed on to the Puma x Careaux Mostro.

The fresh, stylish design that Careaux gave to the classic Puma sneaker adds more to its appeal, giving the wearer a more feminine style. Its versatility allows it to complement with a variety of ensembles for various occasions.

The original, unique design of the Puma  Mostro is one of the things that makes it distinguishable from the brand’s other silhouettes. This time, the touch of Careaux is given to the low-top sneaker which gives the new variation its own unique character. The creative design given to the Puma x Careaux Mostro exhibits “delicate illustrations and optimistic and graphic approach.” Careaux finishes up her design for the Mostro with her signature logo the “Dedication Flower.”

First released in 2002, selling 11,000 pairs of the Puma Mostro is what the brand expected. But its expectation was exceeded as the model sold a groundbreaking 300,000 pairs. What provided the model its popularity is its distinguishable design that gained the favors of many, including a number of celebrities. The silhouette was also featured in the movie, “The Island,” adding more to its popularity.

Caroll Lynn is the one who founded “Careaux.” She is an online creative and artist of her own brand who is based in the Netherlands. Lynn, a self-proclaimed sneakerhead, is recognized for her works as a sneaker illustrator. With her creativity that is shown through her creations, Caroll ended up in collaboration with big brands such as Nike, Adidas, and Puma. Caroll Lynn’s creations represent her design insights that deliver its distinctive characteristics. She became one of the most influential and innovative illustrators of the industry.

Together, Puma and Careaux gave a fresh look to the Puma Mostro model and created the low-top Puma x Careaux Mostro. Careaux gave this women’s exclusive shoe a stylishly modern touch-up without forgetting its trademark logo the “Dedication Flower.”

  • The design of the “Dedication Flower” utilizes the triangle gradients which then became Lynn’s trademark in her life, symbolizing her continuous journey in finding strength and beauty through the hard times.
  • The upper of the Puma x Careaux Mostro is covered in suede material.
  • The Puma Cat Logo is displayed on the heel of the shoe.