Our verdict

The PUMA Viz Runner is an affordable running shoe that, based on my running tests, delivers all-day comfort and outstanding grip. It is versatile enough for gym use so I was happy to test it there as well. I did discover that it is not an ideal shoe to wear for long-distance runs and daily training. The PUMA Viz Runner is good for casual runners and those who are looking for an affordable training shoe.


  • Spot on sizing
  • Grippy outsole
  • All-day comfort
  • Solid lockdown
  • Affordable
  • Nice heel cushion
  • Versatile for gym use


  • Not for long runs
  • Runs warm
  • Narrow toebox

Audience verdict


Who should buy the Viz Runner

The PUMA Viz Runner is a shoe best suited for:

  • casual runners
  • runners who wants an affordable and comfortable shoe
  • gym or in fitness classes

Who should NOT buy the PUMA Viz Runner

Consider other running shoes if you:

  • need a shoe for long-distance runs or daily running (the PUMA Deviate Nitro is meant for high-mileage runs)
  • want a stability shoe (the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 22 is a supportive shoe that is worth checking out)

PUMA Viz Runner: overall thoughts

While PUMA touts the Viz Runner as a running shoe, I feel that it is more at home in other athletic venues. While the shoe works fine to run a few miles on the treadmill or walking, the PUMA Viz Runner really excels in other disciplines ranging from court sports, to fitness classes to general gym use.


The PUMA Viz Runner will serve the athlete well in a variety of uses, and its grippy sole will be appreciated there. Priced affordably, the PUMA Viz Runner is a shoe that is hard to pass up. 

Comfy right out of the box

The PUMA Viz Runner is a pretty comfortable shoe. Right out of the box it had a very natural, supple feel to it. I wore this shoe to work on their first time out and was satisfied with the feel all day. I then wore these shoes to workout and found myself wearing them around town for the remainder of the weekend. 


The Viz Runner runs a little warm

The only complaint I have about comfort is that Viz Runner runs a little hot. It being winter, that is not a problem, but in the summer months to come I imagine it will be.


The Viz Runner has a constricting fit

The toe box of the PUMA Viz Runner runs on the narrow side. I find it to be a little restrictive when using the shoe to run in.  If you have wide feet and need more room, the PUMA Viz Runner is probably not for you if you are planning to use the shoe as a dedicated running shoe.


Good heel cushion but lacking in the forefoot

The EVA heel pod of the PUMA Viz Runner provides a good source of cushion that heel strikers will like. The forefoot and midfoot lack in cushion, which was a disappointing feature for this reviewer. I am not always fresh enough to be up on the balls of my feet, but when I am I appreciate a little more cushion than the Viz Runner provided.


Simple style without a tons of bells and whistles

The styling of the PUMA Viz Runner is reminiscent more of a basketball shoe or court shoe, and that´s also where I think this shoe really belongs. The solid white model that I tested is a little bright for my tastes but PUMA does offer some other colorways. Overall, the style is simple and without a ton of bells and whistles.


Experience a solid lock down

The lace cage of the PUMA Viz Runner is well designed and gives the shoe a solid locked down feeling. One criticism I had was of the tongue and that it is a little overstuffed and bulky. I like the lateral stability that the lockdown of the shoe provides. 

Superb grip

It is always nice to have a shoe that you can forget about slipping with. The shoe cornered well, especially on the court, and the grip of the soul is superb for court surfaces and treadmill tracks alike. I felt very secure in all of my workouts. 


Could be better ventilated

My one big criticism of this shoe is that it could stand to be a little better ventilated. The sidewall does offer some ventilation holes but overall the shoe is pretty closed down. The solid construction of the faux leather upper does little to aerate the foot. These all add up to the shoe running just a little warm for my liking.


A light feel in the PUMA Viz Runner

At 8.8oz/250g, the PUMA Viz Runner is pretty light and it shows. I never felt bogged down in this shoe. The lightness of the PUMA makes it a good bet for long days of cross training or hard gym sessions.

Priced right

Coming in at just $65, the PUMA Viz Runner is priced right. At half of what I am normally willing to pay for athletic shoes, PUMA Viz Runner is one that can easily be justified.