We spent 6.7 hours reading reviews from experts and users. In summary, this is what sneaker fanatics think:

8 reasons to buy

  • A fair amount of users commended the Puma Urban Plus Suede’s construction which was true to size. 
  • Several customers were baffled with the sneaker’s affordable price range. 
  • The upper material was plush and very cozy according to a couple of purchasers. 
  • A lot of the reviewers applauded the Puma Urban Plus Suede’s stylish design. 
  • Many wearers found the Puma Urban Plus Suede to be quite comfortable. 
  • A consumer praised the free space in front of the toes which doesn’t squeeze them, unlike other shoes. 
  • Several commenters were astonished by the sneaker’s high-quality build. 
  • A couple of users were relieved with its lightweight construction.


3 reasons not to buy

  • The sole was thinner than typical Puma sneakers, as squealed by one customer. 
  • Though the sole was thin, one reviewer was disappointed that it doesn’t bend very much. 
  • A wearer noticed that the tongue was thin which leads to crease marks if not paid attention to.


Bottom line

No one expected that a super sleek silhouette like the Puma Suede would be given a cleaner brother. The street-ready Puma Urban Plus Suede smoothens up the vintage midsole tooling of its predecessor and gives it a contemporary shape ready to brave the harsh world of everyday routines. With comfort at the top of its mind, the sneaker offers a cozy feel whenever going out or hanging indoors.



Top: Low
Inspired from: Basketball
Collection: Puma Suede
Price: $45
Small True to size Large
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These Puma Urban Plus Suede shoes are offered in a very generous size range starting from a men’s specific 4 up to a gargantuan 14. It features a traditional lacing system of lockdown. They are constructed in unisex sizes but are indicated by men’s sizes only.

A sneaker with a vast variety of colors like the Puma Urban Plus Suede is always a great addition to anyone’s wardrobe. Sleeker than it is, the low top shoe can be partnered with almost any possible outfit there is from shorts to long drooping pants. Heck, even women can sport these Puma Urban Plus Suede sneakers with sundresses and skirts for a summery vibe. 

There are a few distinctive differences between the classic Suede and this Puma Urban Plus Suede sneaker. First off are the Puma brandings at the vamp. On the Urban Plus, the logo is printed on a tag hanging along the laces while in the Suede Classic, it is written.  

Another one is the midsole. For the Urban Plus, vulcanized tooling was featured. The Suede Classic showcases the iconic midsole design from the early models. 

There probably is no other Puma sneaker that can perfectly embody the German brand other than the Puma Suede. It was an icon which had tapped numerous events in history, not to mention a classic way to style while dancing. Its transition from hard court to the streets became a global phenomenon, and soon after, people of the world were flaunting the Walt “Clyde” Frazier grace. 

What has the Suede got to do with slickest basketball pro in the 70s? Everything, of course. In an era where athlete collaboration was still a burgeoning concept and having an endorsement deal equates to celebrity status, Walt Clyde Frazier ticked all of the revenue-generating boxes. He was one of the men who sparked the earliest forms of collaboration between a sportswear producer and basketball player. 

Though Frazier ended up having his own style of shoes, the Suede’s essence was somehow preserved with the Puma Clyde. It was also a valuable basketball sneaker during its prime, durable and flexible against all kinds of maneuvers on the court. Eventually, people started imitating Walt Frazier’s appeal by wearing the iconic basketball shoes to the day to day scenes. Among these fans were another group that almost, religiously as supposed, kept their Suede’s stapled to their feet. 

B-Boys were reeled in with Puma Suede’s functionality as a breakdance sneaker like a moth to a flame. It soon became an icon and a fashion statement that not only those in Northern America possess, but also throughout the world. The Puma Suede, when compared to an animal, is like a domesticated chicken or cow which can no longer go extinct because it always serves a purpose as lifestyle wear. 

Decades have passed, and the light of the Suede’s candle still lingers. It would surely be relevant in the most recent years where vintage footwear is not only a thing of the past, but also the hottest item in one’s clothing. Puma Suede became the Puma Suede Classic which also generated numerous siblings that bear the same facade. 

Enter the Puma Urban Plus Suede. The sneaker was a sleeker reinvention of the Classic German sneaker from the mid-20th century with a more modern take on its details. Giving out a skateboard-inspired image, the Puma Urban Plus Suede replaces the retro tooling with a smoother vulcanized midsole. Available in all sorts of colors including Taos Taupe and Pomegranate, the sneaker genuinely pays homage by introducing a street-style upbringing to a timeless silhouette. 

  • The uppers are composed of soft suede/synthetic leather materials. 
  • Synthetic leather was used for the coveted Puma Formstrip on the sides. 
  • Instead of the Jumpcat logo on the heel, the sneaker prints out PUMA along the Achilles heel. 
  • Other colorways include black /white, Rock Ridge/white, Peacoat/white, and Chocolate Brown/white.