Our verdict


With its humongous demeanor that is perfectly portrayed by the considerate color profiling and the perfect mix of material contrast, the PUMA Thunder Spectra is another PUMA Classics iteration that sways well with the current dad shoe fandom. Many wearers are pleased with its achievable price range at retail and the comfort, quality, and style that contribute to this easily sellable attribute.


  • High-quality materials
  • Great lockdown
  • Many call it the best dad shoe
  • Reasonably-priced
  • Out-of-the-box comfort
  • Lightweight
  • Looks twice as expensive
  • Many colors and textures


  • Not getting the attention it deserves
  • Heel counter too stiff for some

Who should buy the PUMA Thunder Spectra

This dad-shoe PUMA sneaker is a good match for you if:

  • You want a shoe with an Injection Molded EVA for lightweight midsole cushioning
  • You are after a sneaker with a molded TPU compound that blends in with the sneaker's tooling

PUMA Thunder Spectra Logo

Style of the PUMA Thunder Spectra

The baby boomers or dads per se would lay back with a couple of stretchable trousers coupled with a jacket of the same material while wearing this low-top gargantuan. That unspeakable threat of a wardrobe is now long gone and is replaced by the modern flair of loose long sleeves partnered with slightly fitting joggers or straight-cut pants.

PUMA Thunder Spectra Toebox

The number one thing to remember when sporting the PUMA Thunder Spectra on feet is to avoid skinny joggers or jeans because it would somehow be out of proportion with the sneaker’s massive tooling. Apparel that flows down to the legs is more advisable to give out a more relaxed vibe which also works with tops as well.

PUMA Thunder Spectra Midsole

The slight color blocking of the Spectra can be complemented by wearing a bit of color in the rest of the outfit to balance things out.

PUMA Thunder Spectra Outsole

Notable Features

The sneaker showcases a busy look that is masked up by dominant black elements. A red suede overlay found at the bottom of the laces contrasts the black forefoot. A suede patch can also be seen at the heel sporting a blue-green pigment alongside the yellow faux leather overlay wrapping the ankle.

PUMA Thunder Spectra Sidewalls

A black PUMA Formstrip subliminally swipes up from the vamp towards the heel which is opposed by a textured gray heel counter at the bottom of the rear. White and teal accents cover up the midsole in a wave-like scenario.

PUMA Thunder Spectra Side

The Thunder Spectra was released on April 28, 2018, and was the first one to be featured in PUMA’s Thunder collection. The sneaker is splashed with adequate hints of red, yellow, blue-green, white, and teal which is ingested by black leather and mesh.

PUMA Thunder Spectra Tongue

The Thunder collection also features two other silhouettes which are the Thunder Desert, and Thunder Electric.

PUMA Thunder Spectra Collar