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8 reasons to buy

  • A significant number of online reviewers are impressed by the stylish accents and beautiful colorways of the Puma Suede x Careaux sneaker.
  • Some users find this sneaker collaboration strikingly pretty with the metallic gold accents on pastel colored hues that give a feminine treatment to the classic Puma Suede.
  • The low-top sneaker has a fantastic fit with a wide range of size fittings that runs true to size.
  • A few users claimed the design is best suited for their style as it can be worn without overpowering the clothes and the wearer’s style.
  • One user described that the Caroll Lynn treatment in the Careaux collaboration for the iconic Puma Suede is “romantic with just the right amount of feminine touches.”
  • Some wearers commented that the speckled detailing on the Puma Suede midsole gives the iconic sneaker a modern look compared to the often dull original design.
  • The feminine touches on the interior textile lining of the models were also noticed by some reviewers who liked the updated look of the Puma Suede x Careaux’s low-top design.
  • The mesh tongue keeps the shoe interior breathable, one wearer said.

1 reasons not to buy

  • Some users had issues on the width of the low-top Puma Suede x Careaux sneaker.

Bottom line

Tapping Dutch women’s footwear designer Caroll Lynn or better known as Careaux in this latest Puma Suede collaboration has been a welcome addition to the vast roster of Puma Suede design collaborations. The low-top design decked with metallic gold hits, exciting colorways are transformed into feminine masterpieces with the signature metallic flower detail at the tongue logo, and an interior lining decorated with floral prints. 


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Retaining the comfortable fit of the iconic Puma Suede, the collaboration with Dutch designer Careaux fits similarly as in other variants of the classic low-top sneaker. The low-top shoe narrowly tapers with a round toe front and a white midsole with speckled detailing, a thinly padded tongue with Careaux metallic flower touches, and secured by regular flat laces. The shoe comes in men’s sizes 6 to 15 for men and 4 to 10 for women. The sneaker also narrowly fits those with narrow to medium width feet.

Breathing new life into the Puma Suede silhouette, Caroll Lynn or popularly known as Careaux has given an updated look to the iconic sneaker with a speckled midsole and metallic hits and trademark flower logo. The design comes in pastel hues for women and darker tones for men. While many of its wearers argue that the model is more feminine than masculine, the Puma Suede x Careaux low-top kick allows the wearer to explore new fashion trends and experiment without straying too far from the classics.

Mix and match each pair of the Puma Suede x Careaux with casual clothing without going over the top and with just the right amount of feminine touches. The sneaker design is also not overbearing that it distracts eyes away from the outfit of the day. Take these casual kicks for a stroll in the urban jungle and the wearer will never go wrong to have made the right sneaker choice.

A plush genuine suede material in the upper has been used in the low-top Puma Suede x Careaux collaboration. The sneaker is also decked with speckled metallic hits at the midsole, and metallic gold logo detailing with a unique metallic gold rose print on the tongue. The design also has floral prints in the textile lining of the comfy interior.

The iconic Puma Suede sneaker was first presented to the public during the 1968 Summer Olympics held in Mexico City. Olympic gold medallist Tommie Smith first wore the low-top sneakers with suede upper at the podium after winning the gold medal at the 200-meter track event. 

From the track, the shoe also became a favorite in the basketball court with top NBA players like Water “Clyde” Frazier donning the pair in his games with the recognizable Formstrips at the sides.  The original Puma Suede trainer had a thick rubber outsole and a smooth silhouette with a full suede design that is unlike the leather and canvas sneakers released at the time.

From being a favorite basketball footwear in the 1970s, the Puma Suede’s popularity shifted anew in the 1980s to the 1990s to the hip-hop, punk rock, and street-style culture who have followed classic designs and vintage looks to supplement their retro styles. Since then, the iconic low-top shoe had several design iterations and colorways including collaborations from famous brands, designers, and pop culture icons.

Dutch illustrator and designer Caroll Lynn or more popularly known for the label Careaux has been in collaboration with the German brand Puma since 2016. The partnership involved shoes like the Puma Basket, Puma Blaze of Glory, and the iconic Puma Suede. The collaborative designed featured feminine touches to the street-style sneaker with metallic gold label accents in the logo with floral design and a speckled midsole. Interior fabric lining of the shoes was also designed in floral prints that is the trademark of Careaux over the years.

  • Interior textile lining of the low-top sneaker comes with a floral print.
  • Collaborative Puma Suede x Careaux branding with trademark floral print at tongue.
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