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11 reasons to buy

  • Reviewers are raving about the solid, velvety upper of the Puma Suede Super.
  • The inner sole of this sneaker is very comfortable even during long hours of use, noted by many owners.
  • A lot of those who went crazy for this low-top suede shoe said it is definitely their most dependable pair of sneakers.
  • Puma Suede collectors loved that this sneaker comes with optional fat laces that look nice against the noticeable branding on the side, which immortalizes the 1970s B-boy era.
  • Sneaker enthusiasts adored the bold colors of this edition.
  • Reviewers are specifically charmed by the leather lining and footbed of this sneakers.
  • The suede element of this shoe makes it a perfect choice for casual office work and off duty purposes.
  • A reasonably-priced pair of retro-style, low-top sneaker.
  • Generating lots of compliments are among the common reviews given to this shoe.
  • The ankle and tongue have enough padding that allows cushioning to the feet.
  • This shoe does not have an arch support, yet it offers a comfortable feel with its sturdy outsole.

1 reasons not to buy

  • Reviewers pointed out that there are only a handful of colorways available for the Puma Suede Super, and would have loved it even more if there are more varieties.

Bottom line

The classic-looking low-top Puma Suede Super retains its vintage flair using eye-catching velvety shades. The Formstrip labelling and fat laces have nostalgic appeal that echoes the ‘80s B-boy and hip-hop era.

You can take home this kick with a well-constructed leather lining, comfortable footbed, and durable outsole at an affordable price tag. No need to size up or down as it fairly runs true to size.


Top: Low
Inspired from: Basketball
Collection: Puma Suede
Price: $70
Colorways: Black, Blue, Red
Small True to size Large
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The Puma Suede Super with 7 pairs of eyelets that run low in the front offers a tailored fit, which locks the foot inside a comfy and breathable space. This shoe that generally runs true to size is available in men’s sizes in medium width. The sizing options are from 4 to 13 US.

Suede is probably one of the truly clever cover concepts for a sneaker as it is both stylish and definitive, and instantly bridges the gap between playful-casual and reserved footwear styles. Perhaps, it is also the same reason why vintage-inspired silhouettes remain to be appealing to this day, such as the stylish low-top Puma Suede Super.

It has a simplified design with antiquated colorways coupled by fat laces that entirely resonates the 1970s and 1980s hip-hop beat. This edition also offers a funky flair to practically any pair of bottoms, be it straight, skinny, baggy, or tight.

The low-top Puma Suede Super reverberates a sense of nostalgia that instantly leads us to that era when break dancing was the hippest thing on the street. Its classic appeal spun with touches of novelty adds a unique, classy touch to any casual wear. Its top is made with even bolder, more solid colors combined with a contrasting soft leather sockliner that matches the color of the highly recognizable Formstrip. And its optional fat laces put a 1970s to 1980s appeal to this modern silhouette.

Puma Suede’s story is as rich and colorful as its velvety profile. This solid track and field trainer built with compact, rubber sole and rounded forefoot was launched at the time when most shoes are made in canvas and leather. It immediately found its way to the center stage in 1968 when American track athlete Tommie Smith took it to fame as he snagged the gold medal for the 200-meter race at the Mexico Summer Olympics that year wearing this shoe.

The awarding for such category became one of the distinguishable events in Olympic history as Smith and his fellow American Olympiad John Carlos ascended the podium with a raised black-gloved fist to demonstrate boldness, sovereignty, and unity with the Black Power movement. Such an act became one of the most recognizable images of that era, which placed Smith and his winning suede sneaker to popularity.  

After five years, in 1973, this trainer landed on the hardwood as New York Knicks point guard known for his loud sense of fashion, Walt “Clyde” Frazier tweaked and made it into a fashionable hoops shoe. That was one of the earliest attempts in transforming a performance footwear into a stylish sneaker. This classic and hip silhouette grew into a much-sought celebrity towards the 1980s, when breaking in the street became a fad, giving birth to b-boys and fly girls.

Puma Suede managed to live until the present time as it is one of the favorite profiles for retro works by the brand and through collaborative projects. In 2017, Puma teased the public with the drop of the Super Puma Pack with photos of Detroit-based rapper Big Sean, clad in this retro on a New York City subway. This rapper joins other global ambassadors of the brand such as Rihanna, Kylie Jenner, and The Weeknd in promoting Puma sneakers.

The original members of the suede pack consisted of red and black upper that sits atop a white sole, marked by the Puma cat labelling in the insole and on the tongue. In spite of its modern updates, this sneaker carries with it traces of a colorful past with its fast-forward Formstrip branding on the lateral and medial side and the use of a tough suede across the entire upper.

  • This low-top sneaker comes with a second pair of fat laces, reminiscent of 1970s Bronx-style era.
  • Among the vibrant renditions of the Puma Suede Super with an unmistakable Puma Formstrip branding on the side panels are the Puma Clyde Chase Pack, glimmering Puma Clyde 24k Gold, all-red Puma Suede Classic in Flame Scarlet.
  • Puma Suede is also a subject of a number of collaborative works such as the 2013 cycling-inspired mita sneakers x Puma Suede Cycle, the Swedish influenced rendition 2014 Sneakersnstuff x 10-Gruppen x Puma Suede Pack, the trailblazing 2015 Solange Knowles x Puma Word to the Woman Pack, the eye-candy skate pack 2016 Puma x Diamond Supply Classic Suede, to name a few.


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