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Base model: Puma Suede Classic
Top: Low
Inspired from: Basketball
Collection: Puma Suede
Price: $95
Colorways: Beige
Special editions: 45 special editions
Small True to size Large
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The Puma Suede Classic Seoul is a unisex shoe model in men’s sizes that range from 4 to 14, including half sizes, in D Medium width. Women are advised to get 1.5 to 2 sizes smaller than their regular sizes for an accurate fit.

Like other Suede iterations, the Suede Classic Seoul is known best for its comfortable and supportive fit and feel. A secure and lockdown fit is made possible by the lace-up closure that comes with fat laces, a tongue loop, and a lace lock. The low-top construction permits a non-restrictive foot movement without sacrificing support.

Unlike the other three Puma iterations in the Puma Suede 50 Breakdancing Cities Pack, the Puma Suede Classic Seoul has the least striking color. The plush suede upper comes in birch with three sets of laces in white, tonal birch, and blue color options. Although designed as part of the Suede’s 50th Anniversary celebration, this iteration still manages to exhibit the classic Puma aesthetic that is versatile, timeless, and stylish. Perfect for casual day-to-day activities, the shoe can be paired with shorts or jeans.

The Puma Suede Classic Seoul released as part of the Suede 50 Breakdancing Cities Pack as celebration of the iconic shoe model’s 50th anniversary. Like the other three shoes in the pack, this one received an upgraded façade while maintaining the heritage of the classic Suede loved since the ‘60s.

This shoe’s plush suede upper is dressed in birch color with Seoul-inspired embossed design as a nod to the city’s breakdancing roots. It also comes with three sets of fat laces (birch, white, and blue) completed with a gold Puma lace lock for that authentic breakdancing vibe.

In 1968, Puma released a low-top basketball shoe different from the typical leather and canvas hoop kicks prevalent during that time – a suede shoe called officially as the Puma Suede. It was such a revolutionary move that drove the Puma Suede model into the spotlight from one generation to the next.

Over the years, the Suede managed to reach a level of popularity that made it a favorite pair of shoe even outside basketball courts. Before it slowly transitioned into being a casual kick it is today, the Puma Suede played a vital role in the hip-hop subculture, particularly in the breakdancing community, during the ‘90s. Because of its attractive colors, durable materials, and grippy and thick rubber outsole, it became a staple shoe used in breakdancing.

In 2018, Puma celebrates the 50th Anniversary of the Suede. As part of the celebration, the brand released the Puma Suede 50 Breakdancing Cities Pack which includes four distinct colorways of the Suede on January 4, 2018. Each colorway represents four of the most influential breakdancing cities in the world – New York, Paris, Berlin, and Seoul.

The Puma Suede Classic Seoul comes in birch color with thick laces, a lace lock, thick white midsole, and Seoul-inspired embossed details on the upper. Like the other three shoes in the pack, this shoe comes with a matching T-shirt.

  • The Puma Suede Classic Seoul comes with a commemorative Puma Suede 50th Anniversary box and a matching T-shirt.
  • Puma brandings in a metallic gold finish are on the heel and lateral side. On the tongue is a huge Puma branding logo with the number "50."
  • The white midsole is textured and has stitching details for enhanced durability.
  • The white rubber outsole provides grip and traction.