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Base model: Puma Suede Classic
Top: Low
Inspired from: Basketball
Collection: Puma Suede
Price: $95
Colorways: Blue
Special editions: 38 special editions
Small True to size Large
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The Puma Suede Classic Paris boasts a low-top profile that permits ankle mobility and a lace-up closure that can be adjustable for a snug and secure fit. There is an extra loop tab on the tongue to help keep it from sliding to the sides. Overall hold and support are adequate considering the shoe’s basketball shoe DNA. Added in-shoe comfort is expected with sufficient cushioning on the insoles, collar, and tongue.

This Puma shoe is a unisex model offered in men’s sizing that ranges from US 4 to 14 in D Standard or Medium width. Men should order their regular sizes. Women, on the other hand, should order 1.5 to 2 sizes smaller than their regular sizes to attain a more accurate fit.

The Puma Suede Classic Paris is a low-top basketball-inspired sneaker with a silhouette based on the iconic Puma Suede shoe. Like the rest of the sneakers in the Suede 50 Breakdancing Cities Pack, this Paris version of the Suede is a head-turner, especially that the plush suede is dressed in vibrant blue color and embossed Paris-inspired design and completed with thick laces in three colors options.

Wear a throwback kick with a modern twist with this Puma Suede 50th Anniversary release. It does not matter whether you pair it with jeans, pants, or shorts as it looks timeless, casual, and stylish with any outfit.

Each of the four Puma Suede iterations in the Puma Suede 50 Breakdancing Cities Pack exhibits a distinct look that represents each of the four cities.

The Puma Suede Classic Paris shoe displays an electric blue lemonade suede upper with embossed Paris-inspired and Puma design details all throughout. Unlike the regular Puma Suede in the market today, this iteration features thick and fat laces as a nod to the Suede’s breakdancing heritage. The laces also have a gold Puma lace lock for a secure fit. Other key features of the original Suede shoe are retained, such as the Formstrip on the lateral side, padded collar and tongue, and thick, grippy white rubber outsole.

The Puma Suede is one of the shoes that put Puma on the map in breakdancing and hip-hop culture in general. It first made its debut in 1968 as a basketball shoe with a low-top profile, plush suede upper, and thick rubber outsole. Although made for basketball, such features allowed the iconic model to reach new heights and be of influence in subcultures outside the sports community. During the ‘90s era, the Puma Suede became a favorite breakdancing shoe for the b-boys and b-girls primarily because of its attractive colorways, excellent materials, and non-slip rubber soles.

In celebration of the Suede’s 50th Anniversary, Puma released the Puma Suede 50 Breakdance Cities Pack on January 4, 2018, as a way of honoring its hip-hop roots. The pack includes the Puma Suede Classic Paris as a tribute to Paris, one of the four most influential breakdancing cities in the world along with New York, Seoul, and Berlin.

The Puma Suede Classic Paris comes in a vibrant blue suede upper with distinct embossed detailing inspired by France’s capital and Puma. Like other sneakers in the pack, the shoe comes with a matching shirt, two extra sets of fat laces, and commemorative Puma Suede 50th Anniversary box. It features fat laces with a gold Puma lace lock and a thick rubber outsole.

  • Like in the Puma Suede Classic, the midsole of the Puma Suede Classic Paris is textured and has stitching detailing for enhanced durability.
  • The rubber outsole provides excellent grip and traction.
  • The shoe also comes with two extra sets of laces in white and red colors.
  • Puma brandings in a metallic gold finish are visible on the lateral side and heel. Puma branding on the tongue and the Formstrips on the sides are both tonal.
  • There are perforations along the Formstrips on the lateral side of the shoe for ventilation and added comfort.


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