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7 reasons to buy

  • Comfortable is the word reviewers used most often to describe the Puma Suede Classic Debossed Q4. One commenter said that he recommends the shoe to anyone who wants something stylish yet comfortable.
  • Many customers loved the look of the shoe which they say has an amazing structure. Some of them specifically mentioned the natural gum sole as well.
  • Several purchasers called the shoe’s design “unique” which they note must be because of the debossing and monotone color. A few of them added that the Suede Classic Debossed Q4 is “great for anyone who wants something different but not anything too loud.”
  • According to some testers, the shoe’s length is true to size.
  • A few customers who bought the shoe reported that the low-top casual footwear retains the high quality that Puma is known for.
  • The Puma Suede Classic Debossed Q4’s colors were attractive. One user detailed that he owns several pairs of the same shoe but with different colors for this reason.
  • A few individuals found the sneaker’s price reasonable.

2 reasons not to buy

  • The Puma Suede Classic Debossed Q4 is a narrow shoe according to several users.
  • The color of the shoe is not exactly as pictured. One displeased customer said his shoe was darker while two others said theirs were more purple rather than the burgundy pictured.

Bottom line

The beloved classic, the Suede, is revived yet again in this stylish new updated version. The monotone colors along with the debossed design provide this shoe with a low-key but stylish and unique profile. The quality is faithful to the original, and the size runs true as well. It does fit a bit narrow which buyers need to keep in mind when ordering.



A top rated sneaker
A top rated Puma sneaker

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The Puma Suede Classic Debossed Q4 is available in men’s sizes only which range from 4 to 14. The padded collar and tongue of the shoe gives it a great fit.

The Puma Suede Classic Debossed Q4 can be worn with joggers or shorts but look great when paired with jeans and khaki-colored pants.

The old-school street-style silhouette of the Puma Suede Classic Debossed Q4 is its most outstanding feature that when combined with the flexible sole and cushioned fit make it an exemplary shoe.

The Puma Suede Classic Debossed Q4 traces its history back to the classic which originally released in 1968. The silhouette of the Suede was rounded, sported a thick rubber sole, and had an upper that was made of suede. It was originally intended for track and field athletes.

Because of its style and trendsetting material—suede wasn’t the material of choice back then—it caught the attention of people in the street and fashion scenes. The shoe broke into the mainstream, and the Suede became a big part of Puma’s legendary history and is still one of the most well-known and loved Puma models.

Because of the popularity of the silhouette, several iterations of the Suede have come out since its debut, along with many colorways and collaborative versions. One example of the latter is the Puma Suede V2 Pink Dolphin collaboration which came out on June 24, 2017. Pink Dolphin is a streetwear brand that has collaborated with Puma twice before.

This third collection with Pink Dolphin has a definite streetwise swagger as seen in the rough canvas upper, Japanese characters across the body, and a translucent sole with wave prints. The tongue of the shoe also has a wave theme cut, and a Pink Dolphin Logo can be found on the heel part.

The Puma Suede Classic Debossed Q4 is another example of a Puma Suede iteration and is a relatively recent release, having been launched in the last quarter of 2016. This model follows the same basic pattern of the original but features debossed Formstrips instead. Classic fat laces give it that 80s appeal but this time, the laces are made from recycled materials.

  • This low-top weighs around 10 oz. per shoe.
  • The shoe contains a cushioned sockliner for enhanced comfort.
  • Features classic fat laces reminiscent of the 80s.
  • The Puma Suede Classic Debossed Q4 has a rubber outsole and ribbed toe bumper.
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