Base model: Puma Suede Classic
Top: Low
Inspired from: Basketball
Collection: Puma Suede
Price: $70
Special editions: 45 special editions
Small True to size Large
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The Puma Suede Classic 1993 carries the same average fit as the regular Puma Suede Classic. The shoe is offered in medium width, but it may not be favorable to those who do not have the standard foot width. The low-top silhouette may also run small, therefore, going down in size may be applicable. Sizes offered ranges from size 7 US to size 14 US in men’s sizing with half sizes also available.

The Puma Suede Classic has played a massive role in the sneaker industry with its classic and iconic image that has captured the hearts of many sneakerheads. The simplicity of its design has given the silhouette the ability to blend in without any difficulties into the fashion world despite being originally constructed as a sports shoe.

With the Puma Suede Classic 1993, the brand gave a touch of the 90’s fashion, displaying a bright set of colorways with some embossed drawing on the upper. The fresh look of the low-top silhouette allows it to keep up with the fashion trend with its bold appeal. It successfully conveys the fusion of sport and style.

Various ensembles can go with this low-top kicks. For a simple on-the-go look, one can throw on a pair of skinny jeans, t-shirt, and jacket. Women can throw on a pair of short shorts topped with their favorite t-shirt for the simple yet fun street-style look.

The simplicity of the design of the Puma Suede Classic has left a concrete image on the sneaker industry. It has been a recognizable silhouette ever since it was created. The suede material that covers its upper is one factor that has built the image of this low-top shoe.
With the Puma Suede Classic 1993, aside from displaying the iconic silhouette, its colorways also play a huge role in amplifying the image of this silhouette. The bright and bold combinations of the colors and the drawing detailing on its upper make up the new image of the silhouette, distinguishing it from its predecessor.

The Puma Suede Classic is one of the most iconic and classic silhouettes in the sneaker world. It has established a solid reputation, has gained quite some respect, and became an essential factor of different subcultures. But how did this classic silhouette got its iconic status?

First introduced to the world in 1968, the Puma Suede was one silhouette that also stepped away from the stereotypical image of the canvas and leather-based footwear. The silhouette eventually became a favorite for both sports and fashion.

The Puma Suede became a part of some historical events in Olympics. The silhouette stood on the podium alongside two shoeless athletes, Tommie Smith and John Carlos, when they received their medals. As the American national anthem was playing, the two athletes, made the as now referred, The 1968 Olympic Black Power Salute.”

Basketball legend, Clyde Frazier, then endorsed the silhouette in 1973. Thus giving birth to its famous variation, the Puma Clyde. With the launch of the shoe, Clyde was also recognized to be the first basketball player to have his name given for a shoe.

During the 1980’s, the Puma Suede also blended in with the breakdancing and hip-hop culture, and it continued until the 1990’s and 2000’s. The low-top silhouette got its place in the heart of many from street artists, musicians, and many other celebrities.

As the Puma Suedes went along with the evolution of the different subcultures, it also adapted to the trend through showcasing different variations. Along these variations is the Puma Suede Classic 1993 that in a way, pays tribute to the 1990’s fashion through its new set of attractive colorways.

  • The signature Puma Formstrips displayed on the sides of the sneaker.
  • Puma traditional branding on the tongue of the shoe.
  • Puma cat logo featured on the heel part of the shoe.