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11 reasons to buy

  • An overwhelming majority of shoe users said that the Puma Suede Black Sole provides adequate comfort and support.
  • It is a pair that could be easily paired with any casual staple, based on some reviewers' opinions.
  • One reviewer was delighted that dirt and mud aren't obvious because of the black sole design.
  • Most consumers find this kick to be very stylish.
  • A significant number of wearers mentioned that the shoe runs true to size.
  • The Puma Suede Black Sole is available in a number of
  • Some long-time fans of the shoe appreciate that this pair retained its classic silhouette, which brings with it a rich history and reputable heritage.
  • A handful of shoe users were happy that they get compliments every time they opt for this sneaker.
  • One reviewer praised the pair's black sole as it gives a one of a kind appeal to its overall design.
  • A number of consumers find this kick's materials and construction to be of good quality.
  • Some buyers agreed that the Puma Suede Black Sole is excellent value for its price.

2 reasons not to buy

  • Some purchasers disclosed that the shoe feels too narrow for their feet.
  • A few mentioned that its length seems to be a bit smaller than their standard shoe size.

Bottom line

The Puma Suede Black Sole is a classic updated with a unique and stylish detail that offers an entirely different look. Its black outsole exhibits a distinctive design that would appeal to people who are looking for something different to add to their collection and their casual looks.

Moreover, the black sole would excellently mask stains or dirt on your shoes making it look cleaner than it is. Apart from its stylish aesthetic, this pair also retains the Suede’s original silhouette and material, which provides a recognizable and time-tested comfort and fit.



A top rated sneaker
A top rated Puma sneaker
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The Puma Suede Black Sole is available in men's sizes only. The sizes range from 5 to 14. Ladies who want own a pair can go 1.5 sizes down from their standard shoe size. This pair generally runs true to size, but some reviewers have mentioned that it could run a bit narrower and/or smaller than what they're used to. Fitting the shoe in person is recommended.

The Puma Suede's black sole upgrade offers a different look to the icon that so many people have loved. It hides stains and dirt that means it could be worn more and less cleaning time. The shoe's low-top profile makes it easy to dress in almost any casual clothing. Pair it with shorts, jeans, joggers, or chinos for a casually stylish ensemble.

This pair's upper is made of leather suede material. Its collar and tongue are both padded for added comfort and cushioning. The shoe's black outsole is the most distinctive feature of the shoe, which is a one of a kind design.

The Puma Suede was originally created as a warm-up basketball shoe that was introduced in 1968. The shoe was deemed to be a modern because it is the first sneaker to remove itself from the usual canvas upper and instead utilized leather suede.

An iconic moment of the Puma Suede which also helped create their mark in sneaker history happened during the 1968 Olympic. The two black athletes who won gold and bronze, respectively, stood on the platform while the Puma Suede was prominently displayed during the ceremony. The act of balling their fists while the ceremony was ongoing came to be known as the Black Power Salute.

When the 80s rolled, the Puma Suede quickly became a staple in the growing community of hip-hop wannabes and breakdancing enthusiasts. Its popularity in such diverse groups made it an incredibly successful cult shoe for the masses.

The shoe’s cult-like following only made it even more attractive to artists, designers, and trend-setting boutiques the world over. To this day, it remains to be one of Puma’s most heavily interpreted shoes.

One of these is the Puma Suede Black Sole. The brand decided to revamp the shoe's outsole and made it to an all black color. Released in 2017, the shoe retains its classic silhouette and fit as it offers something unique to the historic pair's loyal and new fans alike.

  • The shoe is available in D – Medium width.
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