Who should buy the PUMA Stewie 1

This basketball shoe from Puma is going to be best appreciated by the following:

  • agile athletes who want to feel the floor when they play ball
  • players who keep their games indoors 
  • wearers who want some wiggle room for their toes
  • avid fans of WNBA's Breanna Stewart

Who should not buy this signature basketball shoe from Puma

The PUMA Stewie 1 works outdoors, that's for sure. However, it may not be durable enough to withstand the harsher pressures from concrete and/or asphalt. Players who love taking their games to the streets and other outdoor arenas are better off with the PUMA Clyde All-Pro. If they are willing to try shoes from other brands, the Cosmic Unity 2 from Nike Basketball is also a good alternative.

While it's a good performer, the Stewie 1 from PUMA needs some time to unleash its true potential. Some players might not have the patience to wait for the break-in period to be over. Shoes like the PUMA Court Rider 2 are better for those who want to hit the ground running.

PUMA Stewie 1: As good as the lady it's named after

"This is an absolute hit," an expert says about the Puma Stewie 1. Another avid reviewer has the same sentiments, saying that this shoe "can't be ignored like Breanna Stewart herself."

The Stewie 1 has no issues with grip

An expert says that this basketball shoe has him covered in most multi-directional situations. Another avid reviewer says that the outsole and the pattern on it allowed him to have "nice smooth stops" and "easy and effortless smooth changes in direction."

These experts warn, however, that there is a need to wipe the sole when dust is present. "Keep up with your wipes [when playing on] heavy-caked dusty floors." 

Enjoy a lot of court feel

Two avid reviewers share that there is "a lot of court feel in the forefoot," allowing for a "surprisingly very responsive ride." Another expert says that the experience is "definitely amplified for those who are quick on their feet." 

There is a need to break it in, though

According to an expert, this basketball shoe needs a session or two before it "breaks in very evenly and very nicely." This need for break-in is echoed by two other avid reviewers. One of them even mentions that the PUMA Stewie 1 is "a bit suffocating at first."

Get protected from impact

A player says that the shoe also provides "a lot of impact protection" aside from the very pronounced court feel. Another athlete says that he appreciates the impact protection that this shoe provides, especially after playing in it for more than three hours straight.

There is also some spring back!

An avid reviewer reports that the shoe also allows him to feel some energy return. With this, he gets to make more efficient up and down the court.

Stewie 1: Not for outdoor use

An expert regretfully shares that the shoe is "deemed to be made strictly indoors," so it is not really durable enough for prolonged use on outdoor courts. Another avid player warns that this shoe may not last that long if used frequently on concrete and asphalt.

The Stewie 1 generally fits as expected

The Stewie 1 is a women's shoe, so men will have to automatically go 1.5 sizes up to get their true size. Two experts did exactly this and they report that the sizes that they get "worked perfectly" and "molded very nicely" to their feet. They, however, warn that there is some space left in the toe box, which they personally prefer. Those who really want a snug fit may only have to go 1 size up instead of 1.5.

Enjoy smooth steps

According to an avid reviewer, the Stewie 1 has a "really nice" heel-to-toe transition primarily because of the curvatures in both the heel and forefoot. The stiff midfoot and the quite flexible forefoot also contribute to this smooth experience.

There are no issues with foot containment

An expert says that all the shoe's features, including its "very beefy heel counter," work together to deliver a nice lockdown. "It did very well," says another expert about the support capacities of the PUMA Stewie 1.

Experience proper ventilation

An avid reviewer shares that the upper materials "aren't going to fail on you." Another reviewer is more specific with his descriptions, saying that the upper is breathable and "ventilated hot air pretty good."

A bit on the heavy side

At 13.8 oz or 391 grams, the PUMA Stewie 1 is a little heavier than the average weight of all the basketball shoes that we have on record, which we peg at 13.5 ounces or 383 grams.

Facts / Specs

Weight: 13.8oz
Top: Low
Signature: Breanna Stewart
Lockdown: Lace-Up
Collection: Puma Stewie
Colorways: Yellow / Pink / Black / White / Grey
SKUs: 37825501 / 37825701 / 37826101 / 37826201 / 37826202 / 37826203 / 37826204 / 37826205

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