20 users: 4 / 5
1 experts: 94 / 100
Terrain: Road
Weight: Men 8.7oz / Women 8oz
Heel to toe drop: Men 6mm / Women 6mm
Arch support: Neutral

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Puma Speed Ignite Netfit 2 has just been released by Puma . Our experts are working on a detailed review. Please, come back later.

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/100 by Jesper Sommer, posted on .

The Speed Ignite Netfit 2 truly demonstrates that some innovation is present in the shoebiz – and I have been very excited to test this shoe. Is the hi-tech appearance just a new fad or a true progression in running shoe design?



Starting with the outsole, the hard rubber pads are placed almost all over the sole area, besides a line from sole to midfoot on the inner side of the sole. The black pads in the outer line and colored pads in the middle seems to have the same density and stiffness.

The white midsole is made of a combination of injection-molded EVA and IGNITE-foam, so nothing new here. I have mixed results with previous PUMA shoes containing this combination, from great to mediocre, so I really don’t know what to expect here.

On PUMA’s cushioning scale displayed inside the shoe, this shoe is rated 5 on a scale from 1-10 (where 10 is maximum cushioning).



The upper consists of two major parts, EvoKnit and Netfit. Evoknit is the sock-like elastic material, which should provide a secure fit. Netfit is the net on the rest of the shoe, which gives the runner multiple possibilities for a customized fit/perfect lacing.

Five different lacing options are illustrated inside the lid of the puma shoe box, but imagination is the only real limitation here.

First Look and feel

The shoe is aimed at fast road running or competition. The first thing I notice is how light the shoe feels when I grab it for the first time (I actually had to put it on the weight several times, because I thought I misread the numbers). So, despite the 295 grams, it really feels light.

Next, trying to bend the shoe length-wise and slipping, I notice the sole returns to the original state in no time. PUMA states that the outsole area uses a Propulsion Zone, which should improve the speed of the runner.

The EvoKnit feels thin but solid and stretchy. The NetFit seems more robust than I expected from the official PUMA pictures.

The laces are thin and a bit elastic – so be aware not to tighten them too much, resulting in reduced blood circulation. Despite the billions of opportunities for the lacing, I started with the standard lacing, to see what the shoe immediately had to offer.



I haven’t mentioned the heel support yet, but it is adequate, although it seems like a minimalist design.

It feels a little strange to maneuver feet into these shoes, the EvoKnit makes this a narrow operation. Once there (well, it only took a few seconds more than usual), the first impression is good. 

These shoes are really comfortable for my slightly-narrow feet, and I can easily see myself running without socks in these. What a feeling. Nice.

The heel response is firm when walking around, and I have absolutely no idea what to expect when running. But to sum up, this is a very comfortable shoe, with a light and sock-like upper with multiple lacing opportunities and a firm sole offering medium cushioning.



To put a long story short, this is a fantastic shoe for fast running. I set a new PR on my first tour in these and simply felt flying every time ever since. I have used it mainly for 5 km sessions, intervals, and similar competitions – and they are just cut for it. They have a great grip and I have had no issues with tired legs and the cushioning works just fine.

I just can’t figure out what makes these shoes so good. They are not exactly bouncy, the weight is average –it’s probably just the sum of the components.


Puma Speed Ignite Netfit 2 delivers a great, fast and fun ride. The NetFit and EvoKnit aren’t just fashion statements. The EvoKnit and the upper is soft and secures a sock-like fit.

The NetFit ensures that you can adjust the soft upper to your preferences and optimum stability. These shoes look and feel like a result of true innovation. Recommended.

Jesper Sommer | Level 2 expert Verified
Born 1965, a passionate runner in the first wave of running in the 80’s (PB 5 km 16:01), running for almost 2 decades and rebooted in 2018 at 181 cm, 79 kg and shoe size 44 (9½-10 in UK size). Average mileage is usually around 30 km/week at 4:40 min/km pace, rotating 2-3 pair of shoes in a neutral and midfoot running style.

  • The Puma Speed Ignite Netfit 2 utilizes the dual-layer midsole. It is composed of injection-molded EVA and IGNITE foam that offers energy return. This component of the shoe also aims to deliver stability. As a result, lightweight performance is sure to be achieved by the runner.
  • This Puma running shoe also features the rubber outsole which delivers added traction and durability.

The Puma Speed Ignite Netfit 2 runs true to size, and it offers a more comfortable fit to runners who are medium-footed. Because of the shoe's elastic upper materials, the natural shape and curves of the foot are followed. With these features, a hassle-free running experience will be enjoyed by the user.  Standard medium B and D widths for women's and men's version are available.

Featured on the Puma Speed Ignite Netfit 2 is the rubber outsole. It is focused on providing the right amount of grip and durability. Traction is described as the act of pulling or drawing a thing over a variety of surfaces which include the roads and tracks. The footwear should be able to withstand possible wear and tear even after several uses.

The outsole area uses a Propulsion Zone which improves the speed of the runner with every step. Stride is defined as the decisive steps towards a specific direction. This propulsion zone is made up of little rubber structures with stretchable bands that are strategically located between them.

The injection-molded EVA and IGNITE foam innovation are utilized in the Puma Speed Ignite Netfit 2. As a result, added shock absorption is encouraged. With the utilization of this foam, a faster and better energy return will be appreciated by the runner. Because of this foam, improved cushioning and responsiveness are also offered.

To enhance the underfoot comfort, the DSC EVA sock liner was used in the shoe. This material aims to deliver a comfortable in-shoe feel during the running session. It follows the natural curves and shape of the foot, resulting to a snugger and more customized fit.

The upper area of the shoe is composed of two components. These are the EvoKNIT and the NetFit. A form-fitting upper is offered by the innovative EvoKNIT. This elastic and light material, extending to the ankles of the foot, is sure to provide a secure and sock-like fit. With this feature of the shoe, a more comfortable stride is experienced by the runner.

With the utilization of the NETFIT upper, a customized lacing system is integrated into the shoe. This is essential in providing a more individualized fit that depends on the width, foot shape, specific needs, and preferences of the user. A wide variety of foot shapes are also accommodated because of the Puma Speed Ignite Netfit 2's upper construction.

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