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    Puma Speed 300 Ignite 3 - A quality race shoe, not for everyone

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    These are strange shoes. They pass for racing, but really they are fairly heavy. They are well manufactured and good for muscular training sessions, due to their characteristics that made calves work a lot.

    I only found them from a casual shopping session, and I took them because of the very low price they had.



    I found the shoes not for everyone because, despite the heaviness, they are very low cushioned, so athletes like me (68kg) are just above the weight limit. Maybe it’s better for athletes of 60kg or less.

    The aesthetic aspect of the shoe is a plus.  



    The midsole of this shoe is very reactive, bearing the famous ignite foam, but they aren’t cushioning your running session at all. I imagine that they can have a range of 300-400km at the most, but it clearly depends on the weight of the athlete.

    The drop is 8mm, but the sensation while running is fairly lower, because at the end of the training session and in particular the day after, you feel that your calf has had hard work.


    The sole is fairly tough, of good thickness and duration. They have a propulsion zone in the forefoot that helps in traction and elasticity rebound.



    The photo is related to a distance of about 20k and the tread is intact and without big signs. These type of outsole is good even for your track training session, for the good grip it has or for some short road racing competition.


    This is the technical side that is more appealing both from an aesthetic point of view and as a sensation. They are really breathable, and the foot feels well embraced by the shoe.

    Stability is good, even if they don't have rigid support stripes. The lace system ensures good support, and even the tongue is good. Maybe it’s better to take half number below the usual US size.


    • Helps to take a correct posture
    • Excellent reactivity
    • Helps in muscular calf work
    • Very good aspect


    • Very low cushioning
    • Heaviness, in relation to the fact that it passes as a race shoe (see the weighing of the photo size US 10 258.1g)


    Telling the truth, I am not in love with these shoes, because they are quite hard to impact on the ground.

    If you always run with the same shoe taking them from birth to death, I don’t recommend you. But if you, as I do, usually use at least 4-5 pair of shoes rotating them according to the specific use, you can buy them because they are right for some type of training.

    In my opinion, this is a good shoe to get some speed and above all to increase the muscular work of the calves. The responsiveness donated by the midsole is good, even if you can’t feel the support relative the drop declared (8mm).

    These are not shoes for athletes of over 65kg because of their low cushioning characteristics. The grip of the outsole is really good, and so you can use them both for track training session and short road racing competition.

    You can hower consider to buy them as sneakers because they look nice.

    Concluding this review, I can say to buy these shoes if you find them on a sale because the original price is somewhat too high if you compare them with other models. The real plus is that those nice flaming shoes can make you feel like Usain Bolt.

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  • The Puma Speed 300 Ignite 3 is a running shoe that’s designed for those who want to have a lightweight companion on the roads. Furthermore, it’s optimized for the neutral pronator. The underfoot platform has an injection-molded base, and an IGNITE topsole for an abundance of shock attenuation and responsive cushioning.
  • A not-so-hard rubber compound covers the underfoot platform and protects it from wear and tear. Its malleable nature allows it to provide additional cushioning. The forefoot section has stretched out rubber that’s meant to snap the shoe forward during the toe-off.
  • The upper unit makes use of a breathable mesh to keep the foot cool and dry. It has prominent breathing pores that are sheltered by an external netting. Thin overlays help in keeping the foot secure.

The Puma Speed 300 Ignite 3 was designed using the standard measurements. It is able to accommodate the sizing preferences of most testers. Widthwise, the options are B – Medium for women and D – Medium for men. These aspects are aimed at those who have medium foot-dimensions.

The SPEEDTRACTION outsole utilizes blown rubber. This material is a softer and more malleable version of carbon rubber. Its purpose, aside from doling out traction and abrasion protection, is to offer additional cushioning and bounce to each step.

A Propulsion Zone is added to the Puma Speed 300 Ignite 3. This technology involves a stretched-out rubber that’s placed in the forefoot section. It flexes along with the sole unit as the foot gears itself towards the toe-off, then springs back into place during the lift, thereby energizing the act.

A dual-layer midsole graces the Speed 300 Ignite 3. It features two prominent foam compounds that work together to provide a smooth performance:

The base is made of injection molded ethylene vinyl acetate or IMEVA. Its job is to absorb the forces generated by the foot-strike and to act as a strong foundation for the entire platform.

IGNITE foam is used as the top layer. It’s a reactive compound that’s meant to add a bit of bounce to each step. It transfers the impact energy to the foot and leg, encouraging the runner to have more energized strides. It is as responsive as the ones used in the Nike Pegasus 35.

A molded Eco Ortholite Sock Liner adds some more cushioning for the runner. It’s contoured so it can support the arch, a part of the underfoot that’s not usually given attention.

The upper unit of the Puma Speed 300 Ignite 3 features an open-pore mesh. Its goal is to keep the foot comfortable and dry. Air circulates through visible pores that pockmark the façade.

An exterior netting acts as a barrier between the open mesh and the outside elements. Such a design prevents debris from infiltrating the upper.

A set of overlays are fused to the sides and back of the shoe. These lightweight add-ons help the traditional lacing system when it comes to securing the foot in place.

Reflective detailing allows this product to be more visible in low-light conditions. It’s a safety measure for those who desire to run at night.

Jens Jakob Andersen
Jens Jakob Andersen

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