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Collection: Puma Classics
Price: $65
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A top rated sneaker
A top rated Puma sneaker
It has never been more popular than this November

The Puma Soleil Cat comes in women’s sizing. Leather makes up the upper, giving wearers a sturdy fit. It also has a lace-up closure which keeps the fit snug while the low-top design enables the ankle to move spontaneously.

Available in white-very berry and black color variations, the low-top Puma Soleil Cat gives a unique take on casual kicks. The shoe could be best paired with skinny jeans, leggings, and form-fitting joggers, which would all emphasize the model’s slim and sleek flair.

It could also be worn with skirts, shorts, and dresses for a chic fashion statement. The sneaker has a versatile appeal that could be used for both laidback and dressed-up activities. Its lightweight structure and neat design also make it suitable for wearing in the spring and summer seasons. 

A clean design along with a sporty look is featured on the Puma Soleil Cat women’s shoes, making this model a trendy companion for one’s adventures. A flat lace-up closure complements the leather upper, while the collar is lightly padded. Stitch detailing is found going from the heel along the sides of the sneaker all the way to the toe, creating a unique pattern.

The shoe has a seamless design, showcasing a low-to-the-ground look with an ultra-thin visible midsole. For branding, the Puma Cat logo is embroidered on the toe, lateral sides, and heel. Puma’s primary logo is also featured on the tongue. 

Puma was launched by German businessman Rudolf Dassler in 1948. It was initially named Ruda, taken after a combination of his first and last names, but he later changed it to Puma. The business was built right on Dassler’s hometown of Herzogenaurach, where the company’s headquarters are still located today.

From its initial inception, the brand became known for its athletic designs that were both parts stylish and innovative. Ever since then, Puma has embodied a high sense of style, along with classic inspirations and futuristic aspirations, especially when it comes to footwear technology. Puma also became widely known for its cat logo, which originally featured the animal leaping through the letter D for Dassler.

This was updated in 1979, keeping the design simple by featuring the Puma name and placing the cat on the upper-right corner. The design remains unchanged to this day. The Puma Cat, which has been the brand’s image for many years, takes front and center in the Puma Soleil Cat. This sneaker has a seamless appeal and features the logo, embroidered in different areas to give the sneaker an exclusive appeal.

The shoe features a unique design reminiscent of old-school track and field Puma kicks. It has smooth edges and a rounded toe that give it a sophisticated appeal. Puma hails this model as the perfect trendy companion, which can be seen in the sneaker's clean and smooth flair. The unassuming look would be at home on different occasions, whether dressed up or down.

  • The EcoOrtholite insole is made up of environment-friendly material. It also offers support and cushioning.  
  • Comfort and a great fit are delivered by the footbed. It also has an anti-rub and anti-pinch design.  
  • Excellent grip on any terrain is provided by the non-slip rubber sole, which has an anatomically-placed pivot point for additional traction.