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The RS Dreamer is borne out of the collaboration between musician J. Cole and PUMA, and it's a success. The features added to the shoe work together to deliver comfort, support, and overall good performance on the court. The shoe's agreeable aesthetics add to its value. It's safe to say that the PUMA RS Dreamer is a must-buy item!


  • All-day comfort
  • Dependable grip
  • Stylish appearance
  • Sufficient lockdown
  • Excellent stability
  • Outdoor use
  • Great court feel


  • Heavier than most
  • Not breathable
  • Lacks impact protection and bounce

Who should buy the PUMA RS Dreamer

The PUMA RS Dreamer is going to be great for the following:

  • Wearers who are looking for basketball-inspired lifestyle sneakers; this one just looks great!
  • Outdoor hoopers since this shoe is more at home on the streets
  • Players who can live with less cushioning
  • J. Cole fans. Need we say more?

PUMA RS-Dreamer rs dreamer buy

Who should NOT buy the RS Dreamer from PUMA

This basketball shoe from PUMA performs well, but it still won't please those who are looking to have a lot of impact protection. Most PUMA basketball shoes seem to have this deficiency, so you are better off checking shoes from other brands such as the Nike Cosmic Unity 2 or the Adidas Dame 8.

Traction that you can trust

The shoe's leaf-like traction pattern with deep grooves is reported to deliver great grip, especially on indoor courts. Here is what the reviewers have to say about it:

  • "PUMA nailed it"
  • "the grip is insane...great bite"
  • "able to stop on a dime no problem"

PUMA RS-Dreamer rs dreamer traction

The grip also remains consistently good throughout the game, although a few players did resort to occasional wiping.

As one of the testers noted, the rubber also comes up high on the forefoot, offering extra grip and protection when you shift weight to the toes.

It's comfort for the whole day with the PUMA RS Dreamer

Reviewers praise the upper materials for feeling nice and comfortable on the foot. A fusion of knit upper and suede overlays is comfortable straight from the box, needs no break-in, and "reacts well to any moves you may have," according to a tester.

Another reviewer mentions that it "conforms to your foot pretty well."

Based on the general users' feedback, it is the kind of shoe that you can wear all day.

Lockdown? Stability? They're both a BIG CHECK!

As per the playtesters, the RS-Dreamer's cord lacing systems and the well-engineered upper ensure that the fit remains secure and supportive, especially during the most crucial movements.

PUMA RS-Dreamer rs dreamer upper

One expert also takes note of the wide base which greatly contributes to the overall stability. In addition, just by looking at the extended midsole sidewalls all around the shoe, "you already know lateral containment is never gonna be an issue," adds another expert.

Cushioning could be improved

According to the playtesters, the cushioning setup on the RS-Dreamer is on the firmer side. This affects the level of impact protection on the shoe and also detracts from that bouncy experience.

As one avid basketball player puts it, "doing hard-impact landings, especially heel strikes, my feet would hurt really bad."

PUMA RS-Dreamer rs dreamer not buy

Despite the bulky-looking foam, especially in the heel area, your foot actually sits low and deep inside it, much closer to the ground.

But on the bright side, it provides a much better court feel. The heel-to-toe transition is also referred to as smooth, thanks to the curvatures in the forefoot and the heel.

The RS Dreamer works both indoors and outdoors

This basketball shoe from PUMA works well on both hardwood and concrete. A good number of players have confirmed the hard-wearing nature of the rubber used for this shoe. 

PUMA RS-Dreamer rs dreamer outdoor 

Weight is the price to pay

More than a few reviewers took note of how considerably heavy and even "pretty damn heavy" the RS-Dreamer is. At 16 oz (453 g) per shoe, it is 16% heavier than the average 13.5 oz (382 g).

It also feels chunky, bulky, and bottom-heavy on the foot, based on the users' feedback.

Play in style 'coz why not?!

J. Cole is a creative, so it's not a surprise that the RS Dreamer has some artistic flair in it.

An experienced sneakerhead likes how "the visual design of this model connects street vibes with the hardcourt." Other reviewers back this up by saying: "you can definitely rock this off-court."

PUMA RS-Dreamer rs dreamer style

Going true to size should be safe

The RS-Dreamer from PUMA appears to run true to size and fit as expected. No pinching, blistering, jamming, or heel lifting has been reported.

RS-Dreamer is a warm shoe

An experienced reviewer claims that this basketball shoe falls short in the breathability department. He tried blowing through the fabric and reports feeling no airflow coming through whatsoever.