Who should buy the Puma Riaze Prowl

The Puma Riaze Prowl might benefit you if:

  • A training shoe that would not burden your feet with its weight is what you prefer. 
  • You are looking for a shoe that could easily go with various outfits. 
  • A shoe that stays comfortable from sunrise to sundown is what you prefer.

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Who should not buy the Puma Riaze Prowl

The Puma Riaze Prowl might not be for wearers with foot conditions. While they could get around the issue by using customized orthotics, the Puma Cell Valiant might also fit the bill. Also, women wearers looking for a less roomy training companion might have to look elsewhere. They might want to check out the Puma Enzo 2. 

Puma Riaze Prowl Not Buy

Sustained comfort

The ability of Riaze Prowl to stay comfortable for a long period earned the appreciation of most owners.

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Impressive ground support

It has been reported that this training companion by Puma is "perfect in providing ground support." 

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The versatility of Puma Riaze Prowl

It has been observed that this Puma pair is great for walking, running, and also hiking. An owner even mentioned that this training kick is "great for running on the tracks" while another wearer is impressed with the shoe's gym performance. 

Worth every penny

Retailed at $80 like many Puma training shoes, plenty of buyers says that Riaze Prowl offers many benefits at a reasonable price.

Puma Riaze Prowl Worth Every Penny

Lacks arch support

Some individuals with foot conditions express the need for customized orthotics due to the shoe's lack of arch support.

It ain't heavy

Several wearers commended this Puma pair for its lightweight nature. 

Puma Riaze Prowl Light

Topnotch quality

A handful of owners find this model's materials to be of excellent quality.

Puma Riaze Prowl Quality

Mix and match champion

Some style-savvy individuals delight at how effortless the shoe pairs with most of their wardrobe.

Puma Riaze Prowl Versatile

Not for women's feet

Quite a few women owners complained that Puma Riaze Prowl's interior is too roomy for their feet profile.

Puma Riaze Prowl: Stability in motion

This trainer is designed after Puma's running shoe line. Thus, you can expect that the Riaze Prowl uses some of the same technologies as the Cell cushioning. The Puma Cell uses interlocked hexagonal cells under the heel, which works in two ways: it absorbs impact when you land on your heel, and steadies the feet by spreading the wearer's weight evenly.

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Because of the split-sole construction of this workout shoe, it is flexible on the forefoot. This design is suitable for running, plyometrics, lunges, or planks. Meanwhile, the flat and slightly elevated heel keeps the user steady during weight training.

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The unique lacing design of the Puma Riaze Prowl contributes to the foothold. The webbed eyelets are set lower, so the laces encompass a broader area. When the shoestrings are tightened, they amplify the lateral support, which is helpful when you're performing dynamic workouts.

Puma Riaze Prowl Lace

Puma Riaze Prowl versions

The Puma Riaze Prowl comes in two other versions:

  • The Riaze Prowl SL features the same construction and technologies, but instead of a knit material, it uses synthetic leather for the upper.
  • The other variant, the Puma Riaze Prowl Graphic, is almost identical to the SL, but with a print at the back panel resembling a lotus flower.

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Facts / Specs

Use: Workout / Gym / Cross-training
Width: Normal / Normal, Wide
BRAND Brand: Puma
Toebox: Medium
Colorways: Black / White
SKUs: 19030509 / 19030510 / 19448201 / 19499501 / 19543801 / 37602001 / 37602101 / 37692001 / 37692102 / 37753701

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