PUMA Radiate XT vs PUMA Radiate XT Slip-on


There are not many differences between these two PUMA trainers except for the upper construction.

As the name implies, the Radiate XT Slip-on facilitates an easy on-off action because there are no laces or adjustable laces to tinker with. You just pull it up your foot and you’re good to go.

PUMA Radiate XT laces

As for the Radiate XT, it has a lacing system that is suitable for people who want to tighten or loosen the fit as they please.


PUMA Radiate XT upper

  • The upper is made of breathable textile. It not only ventilates the interior but also allows the foot to expand.
  • Ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) foam makes up the midsole of this footwear. This platform is lightweight and resilient. Parts of the underside are covered in a layer of rubber to protect them against abrasion.

PUMA Radiate XT: Hard-wearing traction

PUMA Radiate XT outsole

The midsole of the PUMA Radiate XT also serves as its outsole. However, hardwearing areas such as the toe and the heel are lined with a layer of rubber for added durability and traction without weighing down the unit.

Lightweight protection

PUMA Radiate XT midsole

The PUMA Radiate XT employs an EVA midsole. This platform is crafted to cushion foot landings while still promoting natural heel-to-toe transition. The compound is lightweight and resilient.

Say goodbye to sweaty feet with PUMA Radiate XT

PUMA Radiate XT mesh upper

The upper of the PUMA Radiate XT is made of knitted textile. This fabric is soft and breathable, which allows the foot to expand and remain ventilated during workouts.

Comfortable support

PUMA Radiate XT support

The footgear features a lace-up structure for fit adjustments. The tongue and collar are both padded to provide a snug fit while also preventing chafing.

PUMA Radiate XT heel clutch

Fabric straps integrate with the lacing system which enhances the lateral support of the upper. There are also pieces of cloth that form a criss-cross pattern at the back which helps in steadying the heel.

Facts / Specs

Use: Workout / Gym / Cross-training
Width: Normal / Normal, Wide
Colorways: White / Black / Pink
SKUs: 19223701 / 19223702 / 19223703 / 19223704 / 19223705 / 19223707 / 19223708

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