Our verdict


The PUMA R78 is praised especially for one thing - incredibly stylish and effortless walking. Its ravishing retro look catches eyes without fail, making for a vibrant stroll around town. Moreover, for the most stress-free and energetic walks, its comfort is on a whole different level, pampering feet from heel to toe, and ankle to sole.


  • Dynamic retro style
  • Neck-breakers
  • Excellent value for money
  • Fast break-in
  • Supportive & stable strides
  • Heavenly cushioning
  • Generous padding


  • Narrow width
  • Various durability concerns

Who should buy the PUMA R78

The PUMA R78 is perfect for those who:

  • Love bold PUMA sneakers that catch everyone’s attention
  • Are interested in retro sneakers that let you kick around all day in style.

PUMA R78 puma-r78-tongue

Who should not buy it

The PUMA RS-Curve is a good choice if you’re looking for something with a wider fit and more room for your toes. The PUMA RS-X3 is another good option if you’re looking for something that would last longer.

The PUMA R78: An '80s runner with flashy touch-ups  

One that brings back the 1980s fashion but is treated with modern niceties is the PUMA R78.

PUMA R78 puma-r78-tip

Saying that the retro goodness of the PUMA R87 was well-received is an understatement. Its style was on-point, being described as “fashionable and sharp-looking” and “timelessly chic.” Its aesthetic looked so good that it left one fan “absolutely over the moon.”

The PUMA R78’s colors are everything

One fan describes the shoe as a “colorful and tasty” sporty shoe. This echoed the sentiment of other reviewers who saw its vibrant colors as the main highlight of the shoe. They have been described to be beautiful, “funky AF,” as well as “super fun and eye-catching.”

PUMA R78 Quality and Cheap1

These vivid colors have put the shoe in a good position to catch eyes, successfully scoring compliments for many of its wearers.

The PUMA R78’s comfort is a dream come true

Testers love how comfy the shoe feels on the foot. One reviewer mentions that it has “soft foam for the soul,” which made wearers’ experience with the sneaker all the more worthwhile. Its foam was cited as the reason why the shoe is so exceptional, leaving the feet of several people tireless.

PUMA R78 puma-r78-heelback

Its insole was also seen to be thick, while its padding was praised to be great. In addition, one reviewer even mentioned that the shoe “can even be worn without a sock,” because of the way it was designed.

The PUMA R78 makes for the most pleasant walks

One enthusiastic fan of the shoe raved about how the shoe was made for walking, talking about how “comfort is king” and “shock absorption is paramount” with this sneaker on.

PUMA R78 puma-r78-collar

In addition to cushioning and padding, reviewers state that it has an “excellent arch” while being a stable shoe. Its lightweight and overall comfortable construction have even led it to be called “a sports shoe to fall in love with.”

The PUMA R78 gets you there without breaking the bank

The PUMA R78 retails at $60, even lower than the average price of sporty low-top PUMA sneakers at $85. This price was praised for the sneaker, exceeding the expectations of one of the people who got a pair.

PUMA R78 Outsole1

The PUMA R78 is too thin

Lots of reviewers found the shoe way too narrow on the sides. In addition, the sneaker’s pointy tip also leaves the toebox too cramped for several types of feet.

PUMA R78 Upper1

The PUMA R78 gets doubts about its durability

A few people who got a pair experienced problems with its longevity, including:

  • The Softfoam dissolving after a few months of use, leaving the shoe uncomfortable
  • A hole forming on the fabric on top of the toe area
  • The sole separating from the front of the shoe.