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Top: Low
Inspired from: Casual
Collection: Puma Platform
Price: $120
Colorways: Beige, Grey, White
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Saying goodbye to laces are possible because of the crossover bands of the Puma Platform X. The X rubber lacing system does not only makes the look of the shoe unique but significantly helps lock the feet in place.

Exclusively made as a women's sneaker, the Puma Platform X comes in a wide array of sizes ranging from 5.5-11. Half sizes are also available to help the ladies find a pair that suits them best.

Initially made popular by the Spice Girls, platforms made its comeback in today's fashion. Not a lot can appreciate the style though, but given that it can provide the additional height without sacrificing comfort and style, it can be understandable why it made its comeback.

The Puma Platform X may not look as loud as what the Spice Girls wore, but its more muted design makes it a shoe that can be worn for every day without grabbing too much attention. Its low-top and round-toe silhouette makes it a versatile and easy-to-style pair that can transition to different seasons.

One of the most noticeable qualities of the Platform X is the magnified rubber outsole. Beyond being fashion-forward, it is able to house a lightweight cushioning system to ensure that comfort is delivered despite the additional boost in height. More than that, the bottom sports multiple X's to provide maximum traction and grip.  

From the businesses that they have founded, brothers Rudi and Adi Dassler exhibited similar interests in creating businesses from athletic footwear. Established the Dassler Brothers Shoe Factory, it was their goal to produce high-quality footwear for men and women.

Going their separate ways after World War II, Adi Dassler went on and built Adidas, while Rudi formed Puma in 1948. True to his vision, Puma made one of the first soccer shoes called Atom, which was then followed by an improved version called the Super Atom, the first sneaker with screw-in studs.

The company later explored on producing shoes not only for soccer but footwear targeted for different sports like basketball, running, and tennis. Because of the versatility of its designs, Puma has also transcended into the casual footwear realm and became known for its collaborations. The Puma Platform X is one example of its lifestyle shoes designed for women.

  • Two colorways are available for the Puma Platform X—Peach-Beige and Rock Ridge.
  • Users can avail of a pair of these sneakers for only $120.


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