• Use


    Shoes with optimum cushioning, lateral support, and flexibility for daily workouts and studio sessions. See workout shoes


    Versatile, low-profile shoes for constantly varied exercises including plyometrics, sprinting, weightlifting, and rope climbing. See CrossFit shoes


    Heavy-duty shoes with a wedge and an elevated heel that create a sturdy platform and promote ankle mobility. See weightlifting shoes


    Shoes for daily wear that ensure a smooth walking gait cycle. Check out walking shoes

  • Arch support


    For people with normal pronation. Also provide support for high-arched feet with underpronation (excessive outward rolling of the foot). See neutral training shoes


    For people with low-arched or flat feet and moderate overpronation (excessive inward rolling of the foot). See stability training shoes

    Motion control

    Shoes feature stabilizing technologies for people with severe overpronation. See motion control training shoes

    Good to know

    Stability and motion control add-ons are uncommon for workout shoes and are never present in CrossFit or weightlifting footwear. They are mostly found in walking shoes where the gait is easier to correct.

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Updates to Puma Phenom En Pointe

  • Puma’s renowned Phenom collection receives a new look in the Puma Phenom En Pointe. Inspired by the persevering dancers of the New York City Ballet, this women’s training shoe mixes style and performance. It builds on the success of the Puma Phenom but adds an elegant lacework panel on the toe box and a delicate glimmer on the quarter and the vamp.
  • The model retains such core components as the lightweight IMEVA (injection-molded EVA) for smooth cushioning and the removable IGNITE foam insole for extra padding. It also inherits the high-top silhouette and the midfoot strap of the original trainer for a supportive fit.

Puma Phenom En Pointe size and fit

The Puma Phenom En Pointe comes in a ladies’ version only. It is offered in US sizes 5.5 to 11 and in a standard B - Medium width profile. The neoprene and synthetic materials in the upper unit offer a snug coverage, while the midfoot Velcro strap can be used to adjust the tightness.


The Puma Phenom En Pointe employs a herringbone rubber outsole. This texture provides traction but still allows for smooth twists and turns on gym surfaces.

A combination of a vertical full-length flex groove and multi-directional cut-outs in the forefoot renders flexibility to the entire platform. It is meant to accommodate constantly-varied foot movements.

The front portion of the outsole extends up to shield the toe box. This wrap-up acts as a bumper, protecting the toes and the fragile crochet against wear and tear.


The trainer receives its cushioning from the IMEVA foam compound. It is designed to be lightweight and flexible to deliver a smooth ride throughout the training session. It extends up on both sides of the midfoot to support the foot during lateral movements.

Inside the Phenom En Pointe is the IGNITE foam insole. It contributes to the underfoot padding for extra comfort and energy return. But it can be easily removed if necessary. The insert also has a grippy nature to prevent the foot from slipping and sliding inside the footwear.


The Puma Phenom En Pointe makes use of a high-top design. It serves to support and stabilize the rearfoot and the ankle.

Multiple materials are utilized in the upper unit: neoprene, synthetics, mesh, and a lacy crochet panel. Neoprene makes up the top part and the collar to provide a soft and elastic opening. Thicker synthetic overlays cover the vamp, the quarters, and the heel for structure and support. Mesh panels in the ankle area allow for air circulation, and the lacework on the forefoot adds a sophisticated touch to the product.

The instep features a lace-up closure and a Velcro strap. The laces are thin and decorative, so the main function of fit adjustment is performed by the midfoot strap.