Puma Pacer Future: Lets you move forward

What's the best way to predict the future? Well, you have to create it, and Puma did just that with the Puma Pacer Future.

Street running-inspired and molded after today's everyday shoes, this Puma Pacer kick lets you reach your destination a step ahead and step into the future in comfort and style. If you're a long-time Puma sneaker user, you will find this shoe all too familiar simply because it looks a lot like its predecessor - the Puma Pacer Next. This, however, is obviously chunkier and a lot more up-to-date.

Who is this shoe for?

  • If you're always on the move, then this is for you. Engineered after street running kicks, the Puma Pacer Future has all the basic elements found in your typical running shoe. This lets its users go through their daily routine without the need to change their shoes.
  • If your feet tend to sweat a lot, try this one out. No one wants wet feet, let alone stinky ones. With its breathable knitted upper, your tootsies will remain dry and stench-free.
  • If you dig athleisure clothing, you might want to cop a pair. Its sporty styling is perfect for exercise as well as everyday wear. 


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