Top: Mid
Surface: Turf
Collection: Puma One
Price: $50
Brand: Puma
Colorways: Silver, Blue
Small True to size Large
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  • Take your game to new heights with the Puma One 4 Synthetic Turf. This is an entry-level soccer cleat that closely follows the aesthetics of the famous Puma One 1. With its futuristic design, it is no doubt for the ambitious player who wants to show off on the pitch.
  • The Puma One 4 Synthetic Turf features a synthetic upper with the color-shift finish. It is a new technology from Puma which allows the surface to change color when pressure is applied to it.
  • Also, the upper goes all the way to the collar in the form of a sock extension. Meanwhile, a thin synthetic tongue and a central lace-up closure similar to the ones found on the Puma One 18.1 K-leather FG, reinforce the already snug fit of the socklike collar. Players are able to customize the fit through the six pairs of eyelets of the traditional lacing system.
  • This soccer cleat uses a low-profile outsole with multiple studs. It provides sufficient stability and traction on turf (TF) playing surfaces. Thus, making the user agile on the pitch.

The Puma One 4 Synthetic Turf come in men’s version. Available sizes range from 7 to 14. The synthetic upper material may not stretch as much, but the presence of the lacing system provides enough adjustability when it comes to accommodating players with narrow to slightly wide feet.

A low profile outsole caps off the design of the Puma One 4 Synthetic Turf. It is made of quality rubber that is resistant against the harsh turf surfaces. It provides excellent stability during the game. Other major brands also use rubber in their cleats for traction and grip. A good example is the Adidas Samba Classic.

Multiple rubber studs are found underneath this turf soccer cleat. They offer superb traction for optimum performance and agility on the pitch. A small Puma logo completes the stylish look of the One 4 Synthetic Turf.

The upper of the Puma One 4 Syn TT is made of a soft yet durable synthetic material. It also has a lightweight nature helping the user to be as agile as he can be. The surface has a color-shift finish to it. It is a fantastic innovation which changes the color of the upper area that hit the ball.

An elastic sock extension acts as the shoe’s collar. This ensures that the ankle is locked in place and protected at the same time. The addition of a collar makes the Puma One 4 Synthetic Turf a mid-top soccer cleat.

Its overall aesthetic copies that of the Puma One 1 model. The eye-catching holographic effect of the upper goes well with the tiny bumps on the surface of the forefoot. These textures enhance not just the looks of this Puma soccer cleat but its ball control as well.