Base model: Puma One 18.4 Firm Ground
Top: Mid
Surface: Artificial Grass
Collection: Puma One
Price: $55
Brand: Puma
Colorways: Black, Green
Small True to size Large
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  • Performance, comfort, and affordability are the reasons why the Puma One 18.4 Artificial Grass is a standout. The brand has designed this soccer cleat with features that match its competition, especially when it comes to boosting a player’s performance on the pitch.
  • For its upper, Puma has fitted this soccer cleat with a synthetic material that comfortably hugs the foot. The material also works to usher in a clean ball touch that helps during ball handling. Fit is reinforced by a central lacing system while a basic tongue cushions the contact areas of the midfoot.
  • Typical with Puma One soccer cleats, this version also sports a sock extension that provides a supportive fit around the ankles. It also allows for a more natural movement of the foot since the ankles are left unrestricted.
  • Another feature of this cleat is its TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) outsole. This compound is not only durable but is also lightweight to facilitate speed. Multiple rubber studs are spread through the plate to deliver the needed traction on hard natural surfaces and artificial grass.

Puma has released the One 18.4 Artificial Grass in the standard sizes for men. It comes in a width D and is known to fit true to size. Its synthetic upper gives a snug wrap on the foot while the extended sock offers added support and stability around the ankles. This soccer cleat also features a traditional lacing system that further enhances overall fit.

This soccer cleat has been engineered with a TPU outsole suited for artificial grass as well as on hard natural surfaces. This lightweight and supple compound aims to facilitate speed on the pitch. The soleplate is installed with multiple rubber bumps specifically placed to deliver reliable traction when executing turns and direction changes during the game.

The Puma One 18.4 Artificial Grass wears a synthetic upper that offers a snug wrap around the foot. The material also gives a clean ball touch that is beneficial when handling the ball. Extending to the ankle is an elastic collar that provides support and stability, allowing for a more natural movement of the foot.

The midfoot shows a traditional lacing system that enables wearers to adjust the shoe’s tightness. Meanwhile, a basic tongue pads the areas that come in contact with the ball.

  • The Puma One 18.4 Artificial Grass comes in a Green/White/Deep Lagoon colorway.