Top: Low
Surface: Firm Ground
Collection: Puma One
Lacing System: Laced
Price: $70
Brand: Puma
Colorways: Black, Blue, White
Small True to size Large
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  • The Puma One 17.3 Firm Ground accomplishes the influential One lineup goals through its no-frills, performance-focused features. Starting with its upper, this soccer cleat is fitted with a full-grain upper. With its unbuffed finish, full-grain leather offers this silo a semi-heritage vibe and the benefit of durability.
  • The Spandex sock in a low top style allows for comfortable lower leg movement, especially around the ankles. From the forefoot, this sock-like feature extends to the ankles and is reinforced by a central lacing system on top.
  • The firm-ground specific outsole plays a key role in achieving speed on the pitch. Labeled as the Reactive outsole, this feature ensures optimized grip through its conical and bladed studs. The arrangement of both studs amplify stability without compromising rotational movements.

Standard sizes for men are offered for Puma One 17.3 FG. With its leather vamp, comfort fit that stretches over time is expected for this firm ground shoe. The traditional lacing located at the center aids in fit adjustment. Also, the Spandex sock offers snug fit on the ankle area, leaving no restricting sensation.

Four bladed studs are arranged on the outsole heel area of the Puma One 17.3 FG. The said studs create stability especially on quick change of directions. Meanwhile, on the forefoot area, conical studs line up the perimeter while two bladed studs are placed on the center. This configuration aids in supportive movement during rotational direction.

The firm ground-specific pattern is called the Reactive outsole. As the name suggests, it promotes responsiveness targeted on accelerating movements on the pitch. Also, the soleplate’s lightweight quality further helps in ensuring agility on natural surfaces.

The upper of the Puma One 17.3 is a two-part construction. It has full grain leather for its vamp and synthetic fabric for its low top collar. The leather is stitched on the forefoot area to prevent overstretching. The quilted patterns also help in better ball handling.

The low top design features a Spandex sock which extends from the forefoot to the ankle area. Intended to bring a sock-like sensation, the fabric gives players a form-fitting and supportive fit for the lower leg. It is constructed with enough padding to bring comfort during fast-paced moments on the pitch.

This soccer cleat has a tongueless construction with a traditional lacing system on the center that allows for a more customized fit. On the lateral side is where the Puma Formstrip and One branding can be found while on the medial side is where the Puma logo is printed.