Who should buy the Puma NRGY Neko Engineer Knit

The Puma NRGY Neko Engineer Knit came as part of the brand’s NRGY Neko series. This workout shoe is a solid prospect if:

  • You are looking for a pair suitable enough to be worn during cardio, HIIT, studio classes, and everyday walking. 
  • Your profession requires you to change footwear every once in a while and you need a shoe that is easy to put on and off. 

Puma NRGY Neko Engineer Knit Logo2

Protective outsole

This Puma workout shoe employs a full-length rubber compound to guard the bottom of the platform. It is textured and lugged to ensure grip on gym surfaces. The rubber also protrudes up at the front, creating a protective toe bumper.

Puma NRGY Neko Engineer Knit Outsole1

The outsole has two cut-outs: a triangular one in the heel and a narrow, wavy one in the forefoot. They make the unit more pliable in these areas and reduce the weight of the shoe.

Puma NRGY Neko Engineer Knit Outsole2

The Puma NRGY Neko Engineer Knit's midsole

Puma’s proprietary NRGY compound makes up the midsole of the NRGY Neko Engineer Knit. It consists of tiny TPU balls which quickly restore their original form after being squeezed. These balls are fused together to create a unit that absorbs shock upon impact but easily bouces back, ready for the next move.

Puma NRGY Neko Engineer Knit Midsole1

The NRGY midsole is also created to be lightweight and flexible to accommodate the agile nature of workout sessions.

Puma NRGY Neko Engineer Knit Midsole2

Breathable second-skin feel upper

The Puma NRGY Neko Engineer Knit is aptly named after the knit fabric which makes up its upper unit. The tightly-woven areas are interchanged by looser stitches on the toe box and the sides. Such design delivers a combination of support and freedom where they are most needed. The material is also made soft and breathable to create a second-skin feel.

Puma NRGY Neko Engineer Knit Upper1

Easy slip-on experience

The shoe has a slip-on design and features a sock-like ribbing on the collar. It easily stretches when the footwear is put on or taken off and remains taut once the foot is inside. The pull tabs at the back and the front assist in the on-and-off action.

Puma NRGY Neko Engineer Knit Collar

Supportive overlays

A thick synthetic overlay with the Puma logo is added at the heel of the trainer. It is only attached at the sides, staying loose in the middle section. That way it doesn’t burden the rearfoot but provides the necessary support when it’s needed.

Puma NRGY Neko Engineer Knit Overlays

The Puma NRGY Neko Engineer Knit's lacing system

A lace-up closure secures the fit on the instep. It runs through the apertures in the woven material and can be adjusted at the wearer’s preference. Two thin synthetic overlays are placed on both sides of the forefoot, forming the first pair of eyelets for added support.

Puma NRGY Neko Engineer Knit Lacing System

Facts / Specs

Use: Workout, HIIT / Gym / Cross-training
Width: Normal
BRAND Brand: Puma
Toebox: Medium
Colorways: Pink / Black / White
SKUs: 19109401 / 19109402 / 19109405 / 19109406 / 19109408 / 19109410 / 19109422 / 19109701 / 19109709 / 19109715

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