Who should buy the Puma MB.01 Low

This performance shoe from Puma Basketball is great for the following:

  • athletes who play mostly in indoor courts
  • smaller and/or more nimble players
  • wearers who like a lot of internal padding

Who should NOT buy this basketball shoe from Puma

The Puma MB.01 Low does not work for bigger players who expect their shoes to offer a lot of foot containment. The Puma Dreamer 2 is a good alternative. The New Balance Kawhi 2 is also a nice pick for those who are willing to look beyond Puma's basketball catalog.

It's difficult to find a shoe that does not need any break-in, but the Nike Zoom Freak 2 is a good place to start. This shoe is also a good pick for the outdoors.

You can never go wrong with a grip like this

"My favorite aspect of the shoe," says one expert as he opens his discussion on the traction of the Puma MB.01 Low. Many others have the same sentiments, saying that the grip is quite aggressive and that it does not falter even when used on dusty courts. One reviewer says that this model works "really really well" regardless of the court condition. Another player happily reports that he does not really have to wipe the outsole even when he plays on dusty courts.

This traction setup even caters to those who love noise when they play, as this shoe is said to squeak a lot. "They even squeak outdoors!" says one expert, though outdoor usage is not really recommended. However, it must be noted here that while the outsole extends up to the sides, the pattern does not go with it. This has one expert worrying that movements that cause the foot to tilt might not get as much grip.

Enjoy balanced tooling with the Puma MB.01 Low

Experts are surprised at how good they felt when they wear this shoe from Puma. One says that the midsole is great because it offers "a little bit of everything", from impact protection to court feel and even some bounce. Another agrees, saying that the midsole is "slightly soft but still yet very responsive."

Experience pampering in the Puma MB.01 Low

One avid reviewer is so happy with the "immaculate comfort" that this shoe he brings him; he gave this shoe a 10 over 10 in this aspect! Another expert gives us a glimpse as to why this is so: he reports that the entire shoe is well-padded, and it makes such as pleasure to wear. Running out of better descriptives, one expert just says "this is the way to do it" as if he is guiding other manufacturers who may want to build uppers using textiles. 

It must be noted here, though, that such comfort comes with a little price. "It does take time to break in," a player warns.

All those paddings didn't block the air! 

One of the common problems of well-padded footwear is that it tends to restrict airflow. Fortunately, we do not see this problem here. Experts are happy to report that this shoe has no hot spots and that air flows throughout the shoe without much issue. 

Your size is the right size with the Puma MB.01 Low

Experts say that this shoe fits true to size, so there is no need to make size adjustments unless you have exceptionally wide feet. One of the experts also noted that the fit is great, saying that the shoe "kinda melts on your foot." 

No problems with lockdown here

Many players share that foot containment is not going to be a problem with the Puma MB.01 Low. While the shoe only has pretty basic support features, an expert says that lockdown is still quite good because of the shoe's nice fit. He points out, however, that bigger and more aggressive players may want to look for shoes with much more pronounced containment.

Ankle support gets a special mention

One expert is so impressed with how supportive the Puma MB.01 Low is around his ankle that he reports that it is just flawless. He says that "the ankle support is still immaculate" This suitably complements the great support the rest of the upper already provides. 

Outdoor use is discouraged

Outdoor games are fun and intense, but the Puma MB.01 Low can't be your frequent partner for them. "Durability isn't the best," an expert says.  Other players agree, saying that the outsole will bottom out quickly if this shoe is used many times on rough outdoor courts.

Facts / Specs

Base model: Puma MB.01
Top: Low
Signature: LaMelo Ball
Lockdown: Lace-Up
Collection: Puma MB

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