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  • The Puma Incite Modern is a workout shoe made for stylish women on the go. Its modern aesthetics allows it to be a versatile companion in both the gym and the streets.
  • The knitted upper material is lightweight and soft. It aims to support the natural bending at the forefoot.
  • A dynamic lacing system adorns the midfoot. It gives users the ability to tighten the fit if they wish to.
  • A single layer of cushioning unit serves as both the midsole and outsole. It protects the foot against impact as well as foreign objects on the ground. Rubber lines the toe and the heel sections of the underside. It adds traction and durability without adding too much weight to the shoe.

The Puma Incite Modern is a workout trainer designed to accommodate the unique curves and dynamics of women’s feet. It is available in US sizes 5.5 to 11, with half and full sizes in between. As for the width, it only comes in a B - Medium profile. The upper is designed to deliver a snug fit, but there’s also a lacing structure that can be used to amplify the support at the top of the foot and the sides.

An exposed midsole makes up the outsole of the Puma Incite Modern. This material is durable, allowing it to withstand harsh training conditions.

The hard-wearing areas, such as the heel and the forefoot, are lined with rubber. This extra layer not only protects the underlying unit but also enhances the traction of the underside. The toe element extends to the front of the shoes, serving as a guard against bumps during workouts.

The areas under the heel and the arch are flat. This design allows it to bring stability to the wearer. As for the forefoot, a visible X flex groove can be seen. This segmented design facilitates multidirectional flexibility to promote natural movements.

The tread pattern on the heel and the forefoot are different. The heel features suction cup-like holes that heighten steadiness. The forefoot employs nubs that promote multidirectional traction.

A full-length cushioning unit makes up the midsole of the Puma Incite Modern. It is created to be thick to attenuate shock, keeping the foot and the joints of the lower extremities free from pain and injuries.

The midsole rises at the lateral and medial sides of the midfoot. These structures aim to deliver lateral support during dynamic movements. This midsole design makes the shoe reminiscent of another popular trainer for women, the Puma Defy.

Inside the shoe is a foam insole. It is soft and delivers a full underfoot coverage to keep the foot comfortable by amplifying the cushioning of the sole unit.

This pair of training shoes sports a low-cut cleatie silhouette. This style gives users unhindered ankle mobility.

A knitted material makes up the upper of this footwear. It is soft, lightweight, and breathable, delivering a comfortable shoe experience while also holding the foot securely.

Found on the medial and lateral quarters are the synthetic overlays. These triangular components reinforce the sides to protect the underlying material against abrasion. It also serves as a second wall that helps keep the foot steady.

Though the trainer features a slip-on style, there's a lace-up structure at the midfoot. The eyelets are laid out in a zig-zag pattern which results in the laces encompassing a broader area in some instances. This construction results in better lateral support when the laces are tightened.

The mouth of the footgear is styled to hug the ankle and the heel to keep the foot from accidentally slipping out. The high apex and collar are very lightly padded to prevent them from irritating the areas where they come in contact with the skin. Pull loops are placed on the tongue and the back of the collar. They allow users to yank the mouth of the trainer wider so the foot can smoothly slide in.

Emblazoned on both pull loops is the Puma brand name. As for the leaping cat logo, it is placed on the lateral side of the heel, the midfoot loop, on the footbed, and the toe portion of the outsole.


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