Use: Workout
Price: $70
Width: Men: Normal | Women: Normal
Brand: Puma
Colorways: Black, Blue, Silver, Pink
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  • The Incite Knit is an everyday training shoe from Puma manufactured for women. The upper uses a knitted fabric that delivers a snug fit.
  • The trainer employs a foam midsole. This compound attenuates shock to keep the foot comfortable.
  • The underside is lined with rubber. This material is hard-wearing and provides traction to prevent slippage.

The Puma Incite Knit caters to female athletes and is available in US half and full sizes, from 5.5 to 11. Widthwise, it only comes in a B – Medium profile. The upper uses a soft textile designed to deliver a snug fit while the dynamic lacing system helps enhance the lateral support.

The midsole unit also serves as the outsole, but there are rubber lines added at the heel and the forefoot to enhance its durability. The rubber compound with a nubbed tread pattern heightens the traction of the outsole while the flex grooves facilitate agile movements. The heel is constructed to be flat to provide steadiness during squats and weight training.

Delivering a comfortable platform in the Puma Incite Knit is the foam midsole. It is constructed to be durable, flexible and resilient, so it doesn’t quickly lose its shape with use. The midsole forms rails at the lateral and medial sides of the midfoot to support the foot during side-to-side movements.

Delivering a comfortable coverage to the Puma Incite Knit is the knitted upper material. It is designed to provide a snug fit. The fabric is breathable and keeps the foot chamber well-ventilated. The interior is also lined with a soft mesh that assists in aerating the inside.

At the midfoot is a dynamic lacing system. It features four loops, two on each side — one at the forefoot and one near the heel, to amplify the lateral support when the laces are tightened. This construction ensures that the foot stays steady during dynamic movements.

The padded collar and tongue add to the cozy fit of the upper. These structures ensure that the foot is locked in place, so it doesn’t slip out while training. There’s also a loop on the tongue, making the shoe easier to put on.