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8 reasons to buy

  • The majority of the testers are surprised that the Puma Ignite Nxt is extremely comfortable. Its straight-out-of-the-box comfort exceeds the expectations of many.
  • A significant number of consumers are motivated to buy this Puma shoe because of its stylish exterior.
  • Several people claim that it is not apprehensive in making a swing. The trainer provides the stability and balance they need on the course.
  • A couple of users find the integrated white rubber outsole a useful feature. It makes the shoe easy to maintain and clean.
  • Various golf enthusiasts say that the outsole has eliminated their concern of slipping. For a spikeless golf shoe, it gives the same amount of traction as cleated products.
  • This model offers wide and large sizes, which pleases some buyers.
  • A few commenters rave the style of this item. Unlike cleated ones, it has eliminated the need for changing into another pair.
  • A small number of consumers praise the mesh upper because it keeps the trainer lightweight. The material also elevates its breathability, which is useful during summer.

3 reasons not to buy

  • A significant number of avid golfers are disappointed that the eyestays ripped after only a few rounds of golf.
  • One hopes that there is another set of laces that come with the shoe. Finding a replacement lace for this item has been a struggle.
  • Not many have issues with the lack of water protection of this product.

Bottom line

The Puma Ignite Nxt fulfills the requirements needed by both relaxed and aggressive golf players. Though comfort is one of its best assets, it was also able to satisfy other characteristics like stability, balance, and breathability.

Unexpectedly, the non-spiked outsole contributes to its advantages. Not only does it deliver unparalleled grip, but it also pushes its versatility off the course. Though some encountered minor hiccups from wearing this, it manages to outweigh all the positives.

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Good to know

The Puma Ignite collection has expanded aggressively. It is scattered throughout and caters to different sports arenas like basketball, running, and training.

With the continuous expansion of the line, it welcomes the newest member in its golf line up. Comfort is the core of the Puma Ignite Nxt. Thanks to a technology called the Ignite Foam, this trainer gets blessed with properties of comfort and responsiveness.

The shoe takes into account the different challenges that golfers undertake, whether they are playing on the driving range, nine holes, or eighteen holes.

It starts from the ground up. This spikeless product proves that there is nothing to be missed with cleated shoes. The entire outsole is placed with more than 100 directional hexagon lugs. Each of which is strategically-placed to give traction on areas where it is needed.

Powered by Ignite. The midsole of the Ignite Nxt uses an innovative and proprietary technology called the Ignite Foam. This cushioning system features a polyurethane sole that delivers comfort, stability, and energy return.

The insoles are removable to give the user the option and room for orthotics.

Boosted with Soleshield. Taking it to a level higher is the injection of Soleshield on the midsole. It is made of a micro-thin TPU film and is vacuum-formed to make cleaning easier. Moreover, it gives unbeatable comfort and energy return.

Powered Mesh. Mesh is not the usual material used on golf shoes. However, more and more brands are starting to use it because it is extremely breathable and lightweight.

The Ignite Nxt features a flat-knit waterproof mesh vamp. It is boosted by Pwrframe technology, which is a TPU frame that is placed on areas where high stress is usually encountered.

The Case of the Cage. Traditional golf shoes usually feature a saddle to give more protection on the tops of the foot. This Puma Ignite golf shoe borrows the same concept but updates the material with a durable but lightweight TPU compound called PwrCage.

Not only it enhances the fit, but also offers incredible support and stability that stays consistent throughout the swing.

Epic Sport last built for the epic sport. The shape of the shoe is much inspired by running and features the Epic Sport last. It provides enough forefoot volume and incredible fit on and off the course. Through this shape, the shoe is able to accommodate the foot as it expands. Usually, this happens when planting a swing or when weight is transferred from one foot to the other.

Like its name, this shoe takes fashion to the next level. The Puma Ignite Nxt is fashioned equally as its features. Though the saddle is a style element that suggests traditional, the entirety of the shoe breathes a modern air. The use of mesh contributes highly to its modernity.

Thanks to the athleisure trend and spikeless outsole, golfers can now look fashionable on and off the court.

Though there are four colors available for this model, limited editions are also available for those who prefer a unique pair. One of which is the Patriot Pack, which is decorated with stars and stripes. Another one is the Big Logo, a trendy piece today, which spotlights a repeated pattern on the upper.

  • Alongside the Puma Ignite Mesh, a Pro version is available. Instead of the mesh upper, it sports a microfiber synthetic and utilizes a GripZone Traction.
  • The brand offers a 1-year waterproof warranty for this shoe.


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