We spent 5.8 hours reading reviews from experts and users. In summary, this is what runners think:

9 reasons to buy

  • Many consumers felt comfortable while wearing the Puma Ignite Dual Disc.
  • Some wrote that it was adequately lightweight; they didn’t feel as if it dragged their feet down.
  • A lot of testers noted that it was easy to put on because they didn’t need to bother with traditional shoelaces.
  • According to a number of reviewers, the Disc Fit System allowed a highly customizable fit that’s tuned to the individual’s preference.
  • The way the shoe was constructed impressed some runners, and they stated that it was durable and dependable.
  • This model looked visually appealing, according to those who have tried it.
  • A runner commented that the upper unit’s fabrics were able to wrap snugly and securely around the contours of the foot, staving off blisters and welts.
  • Many purchasers were satisfied with the responsiveness of the mid-sole unit.
  • The flexibility of the platform received positive feedback because, apparently, it didn’t limit the natural movement of the foot.

5 reasons not to buy

  • The arch support unit in the mid-sole didn’t fully provide comfort for longer running sessions, a tester observed.
  • The Puma Formstrip on the side easily got scratched and that made the façade less appealing, according to a consumer.
  • The tongue rubbed irritatingly against the lower leg of a tester.
  • A runner reported that the underfoot cushioning system felt very rigid.
  • Based on the comments of some purchasers, this running shoe was a size smaller than what they were used to.

Bottom line

The Puma Ignite Dual Disc generally received positive reviews. Many runners were able to feel comfortable while they wore it and used it for their running sessions. For them, the Disc Fit System was unique, yet efficient. They also praised the efficacy of its individual parts. It’s a solid choice for those with neutral pronation. Though, some wrote that they weren’t as impressed with a few of this road shoe’s components, they were still able to enjoy it fully.


Base model: Puma Ignite Dual
Terrain: Road
Arch support: Neutral
Weight: Men: 10.2oz | Women: 10.2oz
Heel to toe drop: Men: 10mm | Women: 10mm
Pronation: Neutral Pronation
Arch type: High arch
Use: Jogging
Strike Pattern: Heel strike
Distance: Daily running | Long distance | Marathon
Release date: Oct 2016
Brand: Puma
Width: Men: Normal | Women: Normal
Price: $120
Colorways: Blue, Pink
Special editions: 1 special editions
Small True to size Large
See more facts

  • The Puma Ignite Dual Disc is a running shoe that has a lot of modern sensibilities. It features a set of technologies that actually explore the possibilities in terms of making the running experience as responsive and as agreeable to the wearer as possible. Visually, it boasts colorful designs and a unique look that’s rarely seen in running shoes.
  • The upper unit of this model makes use of breathable fabrics. They allow environmental air into the foot-chamber in order to keep the foot cool and dry. Breathable textiles line the interior sleeve, providing the foot with a smooth and non-irritating feel. An external heel counter locks the rear of the foot in place and prevents accidental shoe removals.
  • The Puma Ignite Dual Disc doesn’t have the traditional lacing system. It actually highlights a Disc Fit System, which when manipulated, adjusts the fit accordingly. There’s no more need for traditional laces and ribbon-like loops because of this twistable knob on the upper unit.
  • The IGNITE foam makes the underfoot experience more comfortable. It also delivers a springy ride that’s helpful in terms of making each step more energized. Articulated chevron grooves in the platform compress when pressure is placed on them, and then spring back into shape when the pressure is removed, essentially providing more power to each heel-to-toe transition.

The special version of the Ignite Dual has a standard running shoe length. It comes in sizes that follow regular measurements. The available width is medium. It accommodates those with medium sized feet. Its semi-curved shape adheres to the natural curve of the human foot.

Carbon rubber is the material used for the outsole unit of the Puma Ignite Dual Disc. It’s durable, so it’s able to protect the rest of the sole unit from wear and tear. It also provides traction, which is important when it comes to achieving surface control.

Deep flex grooves make the platform more flexible. They essentially allow the runner to move more naturally, especially when tackling the toe-off phase, the part where the foot bends the most.

The IGNITE Foam is a full-length cushioning unit. It supports the foot well, carrying it responsibly throughout the running session. It’s also responsive and capable of returning energy to the runner, thus making each step more enabled and more efficient.

Articulated chevron grooves are indentations in the mid-sole foam. They compress when weight is put on the foam, and then spring back into place when said weight is removed. This process is a means to enhance the springiness of the foam, basically doling out extra power to the toe-off.

A molded EVA sock liner adds a bit more cushioning to the foot. It follows the contours of the foot-pad, thus delivering support to the arch and other curves that aren’t usually cushioned.

The mesh material used for the upper unit of the Puma Ignite Dual Disc is breathable. It accommodates airflow into the foot-chamber, keeping the foot cool and dry. It is also flexible, so it allows natural movement to take its course.

Breathable textiles line the interior sleeve. They maintain the breathable quality of the upper while also keeping the coverage as smooth and secure as possible.

An external heel counter locks the heel of the runner in place and prevents it from wobbling while inside the shoe. It also averts accidental shoe removals.

The Laceless Disc Fit System is made up of a twistable knob placed on the area where the tongue should be, and a set of strands that are strategically placed throughout the upper. When twisted, the fabrics of the upper unit actually follow suit, tightening or loosening accordingly.


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