Base model: Puma GV Special
Top: Low
Inspired from: Tennis
Collection: Puma GV Special
Price: $80
Colorways: Silver
Special editions: 5 special editions
Small True to size Large
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The Puma GV Special Reflective is offered in men’s sizes. The available sizes range from 6 to 13. The shoe has a lace closure which gives it an adjustable fit.

The Puma GV Special Reflective has a smart but understated design and color that can easily be paired with casual to semi-casual outfits. Pair your sneaker with chinos or slim jeans with a polo shirt on top.

The Puma GV Special Reflective kept the classic good looks of the original silhouette but updated it with a more contemporary vibe through the unique reflective material. The result is a subtle but eye-catching lifestyle shoe that is perfect for wear for any occasion.

The Puma GV Special is one of Puma’s longest-lasting shoes. It was released in 1980 and named for the legendary Argentine tennis player, Guillermo Vilas, who was the first South American to win a grand slam. Guillermo specialized in playing on clay courts and popularized the ‘Gran Willy’ move where a player would hit the ball back to their competitor between their legs.

The four-time grand slam champion collaborated with the brand to create footwear that would reflect his winning play in the sport. The result is the GV Special which had a durable design, an excellent cushioning system, and grippy rubber outsole.

Although underrated, the model had its good share of faithful followers for its comfort and sturdiness. The shoe has been released in a few GV Special variations including the 2017 Hall of Fame Puma GV which has a picture of Guillermo holding the French Open trophy on the tongue and the Puma GV Special Reflective, which featured a highly reflective upper.

  • The Puma GV Special Reflective’s upper is made of leather with nubuck. Perforation details can be seen on the shoe’s forefoot.
  • The sole measure approximately 1.5” from the bottom.