Profile of the Puma Grip Fusion

The brand's goal of producing footwear that would help athletes perform their best has definitely been fulfilled with the Puma Grip Fusion. This product puts comfort to another degree with its use of multi-layers of cushion called FushionFoam. It also highlights the Organic Traction. It is a technology that is inspired by nature, which offers an unparalleled grip on different turfs.


Outsole inspired by nature. As with the name of the shoe, the grip of this trainer encourages organic traction. The spikeless design of the bottom is free-flowing, which supplies traction on various surface conditions.


At home with FusionFoam. Jammed between the upper and the outsole is the innovative FusionFoam technology. The cushioning system is 15% lighter than the typical midsole foam. It is composed of a combination of a remarkably responsive rubber and soft EVA. This mix gives a cushiony feel on every step to ensure all-day comfort.

Joining the Foam party. Completing the midsole of the Grip Fusion is the SoftFoam technology. It is a dual-density compound that is a mix of EVA and rubber. The two-layered insole also combines comfort, durability, and responsiveness.


Microfiber for the Looker. The shoe upper is built with microfiber. It is a synthetic material that bears a similar look to real leather. It is a durable, lightweight, and waterproof material. Because of its complete water protection, this item can be played in all weather conditions.

Fit. The shape of the shoe is built with the Grip Comfort Last. It is meant to accommodate the foot because of the rounded shape.

Puma Grip Fusion Style

Performance sneakers definitely evolved throughout the decades. Trends highly influence golf shoe looks. In the case of the Puma Grip Fusion, minimalism plays a considerable role in its style. 

The entire look of the shoe is clean and streamlined. It plays to its advantage as the minimal branding, and smooth leather upper contributes to its premium look.

Versatility is also this trainer's strongest suit. The all-weather protection is also factored in. Wearing the shoe with trousers or shorts will never be an issue with this item.

Additional Info

The brand offers a year of waterproofing warranty for the Puma Grip Fusion.


The current trend of Puma Grip Fusion.
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