Who should buy the Puma Fuse

  • Regular gym goers
  • People who do Crossfit
  • Individuals who love mixing up their fitness routines
  • Fitness enthusiasts who are a fan of shoes with an eclectic design

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The Puma Fuse's stability and grip

The Puma Fuse is designed to be a performance training shoe. With its shock-absorbing cushion, flexible build, and grippy soles, it works excellently for CrossFit-based programs. Its maximum traction during workouts is brought by the Puma Grip rubber technology.

Puma Fuse Outsole1

Moreover, the pair's decent stability works well during light lifts and lateral movements, thanks to its low and wide midsole design and TPU heel clip. 

It was created and designed based on the feedback from the brand's athletes, such as Lewis Hamilton.

Puma Fuse Midsole2

Comfy and light

The shoe's overall build makes for a satisfactory sensation while working out. Several wearers are pleasantly surprised at how light this shoe feels.

Puma Fuse Comfy and Light

Top to bottom flexibility

Both the outsole and upper materials are pliable, allowing natural foot movement during floor exercises such as push-ups and burpees.

Puma Fuse Flexible1

Well-built at a decent price

Apart from Puma Fuse's performance at a reasonable price of $90, it also features up-to-par materials and construction.

Puma Fuse Well-constructed


Workout enthusiasts find the Fuse from Puma to be aesthetically appealing.

Puma Fuse Style1

Facts / Specs

Weight: Men 13oz
Drop: Men 4mm
Use: Workout / Gym / Cross-training
Width: Normal, Wide
Release date: Jan 2021
Features: Low drop
BRAND Brand: Puma

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