• Use


    Shoes with optimum cushioning, lateral support, and flexibility for daily workouts and studio sessions. See workout shoes


    Versatile, low-profile shoes for constantly varied exercises including plyometrics, sprinting, weightlifting, and rope climbing. See CrossFit shoes


    Heavy-duty shoes with a wedge and an elevated heel that create a sturdy platform and promote ankle mobility. See weightlifting shoes


    Shoes for daily wear that ensure a smooth walking gait cycle. Check out walking shoes

  • Arch support


    For people with normal pronation. Also provide support for high-arched feet with underpronation (excessive outward rolling of the foot). See neutral training shoes


    For people with low-arched or flat feet and moderate overpronation (excessive inward rolling of the foot). See stability training shoes

    Motion control

    Shoes feature stabilizing technologies for people with severe overpronation. See motion control training shoes

    Good to know

    Stability and motion control add-ons are uncommon for workout shoes and are never present in CrossFit or weightlifting footwear. They are mostly found in walking shoes where the gait is easier to correct.

  • Price
  • Width
    Men: Standard
    Women: Standard, Wide
  • Release date
    Jan 2018
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Updates to Puma Flash IGNITE EvoKNIT En Pointe

  • The Puma Flash IGNITE EvoKNIT En Pointe is part of the brand’s new En Pointe collection, which is inspired by the New York City ballet. This versatile footwear is stylish for everyday wear but also performs well during cross-training.
  • The form-fitting EvoKNIT upper provides a snug fit. The material is breathable and keeps the inside fresh during workouts.
  • The sole unit is made of the IGNITE foam technology. It serves as both the outsole and midsole. This cushioning platform is flexible and durable. It is also created to be responsive in order to absorb shock and be ready for the next impact.
  • The lacing system is designed to amplify the lateral support of the upper. The eyelets are widely spaced out for better coverage and a customized fit.

Puma Flash IGNITE EvoKNIT En Pointe size and fit

The Puma Flash IGNITE EvoKNIT En Pointe follows the standard sizing measurement for women’s shoes. It is available in US sizes 5.5 to 11. It comes in a B - Medium width profile. This slip-on footwear is produced using a form-fitting fabric that delivers a snug fit.


The midsole of the Puma Flash IGNITE EvoKNIT En Pointe also doubles as the outsole. This compound is built to be durable and flexible. It also brings traction on most surfaces.

The hard-wearing areas such as the toes and heel are strengthened with rubber pods. This material is tough against abrasion and enhances the grip of the outsole.


The Puma Flash IGNITE EvoKNIT En Pointe employs the IGNITE foam. This proprietary technology is engineered using polyurethane. It is crafted to be lightweight, durable, and flexible. It attenuates shock by compressing lightly upon impact and quickly returning to its original form, ready for the next step.


The Puma Flash IGNITE EvoKNIT En Point sports a slip-on style for an easy on-and-off wear. It has pull loops on the tongue and collar which make the shoe easier to put on. The mouth of the trainer hugs the top of the foot to prevent heel slippage. It is also stretchy enough to accommodate the foot coming in or out.

The upper utilizes the EvoKNIT technology. This type of fabric is created to conform to the shape and movement of the foot for a locked-down feel without being too restrictive. It is also breathable to ensure that the foot chamber is well-ventilated.

The lacing system features unevenly placed eyelets. This design is intended to amplify the lateral support when the laces are tightened.

At the back is a molded rubber clip. This structure aims to keep the rearfoot steady during lateral movements.