Terrain: Road
Arch support: Neutral
Heel to toe drop: Men: 12mm | Women: 12mm
Pronation: Neutral Pronation
Arch type: High arch
Strike Pattern: Heel strike
Brand: Puma
Width: Men: Normal | Women: Normal
Price: $70
Colorways: Grey, Black
Small True to size Large
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  • There are a number of factors that make the Puma Flare Metal distinctive. For one, there’s the metallic upper mesh that has accents of metal-like textile peering through its perforations. The entire upper mimics the appearance of a diamond plate.
  • On the midsole is the SPRK foam compound. This full-length material delivers comfortable underfoot cushioning and a more responsive ride to the runner.
  • Also on the midsole is the Puma Flare series’ trademark – the chevron pattern. With this pattern on the back part of the midsole, the look of this running shoe comes together. As simple as these patterns may look, they give the shoe a sporty touch.
  • Moving on to the outsole, it is made up of a material known as carbon rubber. This is commonly used in today’s running shoes because of its moderate grip and durability. The entire outsole is made up of this material to ensure that the shoe is usable as a neutral road running shoe.
  • Catering to the foot’s natural gait process, Puma introduced a transition line on the outsole. Appropriately named, this line ensures a smoother motion from the late flat foot position to the toeing off.

Runners should be able to get the Puma Flare Metal in their preferred shoe-lengths. The shoe comes in standard length for both male and female runners. As for the width, it is similar, coming in with standard measurements.

Carbon rubber is the name of the material the outsole of the Puma Flare Metal is made of. This type of rubber is commonly used because it provides traction and durability to the shoe. It protects the bottom of the midsole from wear and tear, and it ensures that the shoe has enough grip on flat terrain or surfaces.

A special line that reinforces the natural gait cycle of the foot was introduced on the outsole. Puma refers to this as a transition line. It is called such because it fosters the natural transition of the foot from foot flat, to mid-stance, to toe off.

One the forefoot, the tread is designed as inverted diamonds. As you go down the outsole, past the transition line, you will find the tread design changing from inverted diamonds to indented ones. A tread pattern like this enhances the shoe’s traction and grip. 

The SPRK foam makes up the midsole of the Puma Flare Metal, running from the tip of the shoe to the base of the heel. This full-length foam compound was introduced to the shoe to elevate its comfort underfoot and shock attenuation. This material also gifts runners with a more efficient and responsive ride.

Focusing on the upper, the Puma Flare Metal mimics the appearance of a diamond plate because of its metallic upper mesh material. Aside from its unique design, the fabric also has a breathable characteristic. This trait is useful when it comes to reducing the hot spots inside the shoe when the runner is in motion.

The mesh also aids in the comfort and fit of the shoe. Because the material is soft and adequately amiable, it follows the natural curve of the foot easily, delivering a cozy in-shoe experience for the runner.

Synthetic overlays on the upper are minimal but appear like a cage that hugs the middle of the shoe as well as the heel. These overlays give the sides of the foot and the heel minute support while maintaining the shape of the shoe.

The overlays on the lateral areas of the shoe are integrated into the full lacing system. Having this feature allows for a more secure fit.

The inner textile is adequately padded. It is not as plush as the inside of other shoe models, but it still delivers just the right level of comfort and snugness runners need when doing several activities such as running, walking or hiking.

To provide a way for runners to put the shoe on easily, a heel tag was added. Runners can conveniently pull on the tag to make it easier to slip the foot into the shoe.