Terrain: Road
Arch support: Neutral
Heel to toe drop: Men: 12mm | Women: 12mm
Pronation: Neutral Pronation
Arch type: High arch
Strike Pattern: Heel strike
Brand: Puma
Width: Men: Normal | Women: Normal
Price: $70
Colorways: Green
Small True to size Large
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  • The Puma Flare Filtered is an affordable running shoe that’s made for any runner. It has a simple design, and it’s not too revolutionary in terms of visual aesthetics, but it does look great, nonetheless. High quality fabrics and foams encompass the foot in a snug yet secure coverage. It’s a solid choice for daily running activities and other purposes.
  • The upper unit of this running shoe has a mesh material that is able to deliver breathability and support to the wearer. It allows air to seamlessly enter the shoe in order to maintain ventilation and prevention of moisture. Its appealing design allows it to be more visually endearing to anyone who may look at it.
  • The mid-sole has a full-length foam that’s responsible for the underfoot cushioning the foot receives during each running session. It’s soft and springy, thus letting the runner perform even more efficiently on their activities. Impact forces are attenuated by this unit, making each step more efficient and less taxing to the wearer.
  • The outsole unit of the Puma Flare Filtered makes use of carbon rubber, which is one of the most durable materials for use in running shoes. Placed liberally across the entire length of the sole unit, it wholly shields the shoe from wear and tear. A transition line can also be seen; it keeps the runner go through the gait cycle in a natural way.

The Puma Flare Filtered has a standard running shoe length. It comes in sizes that follow the regular measurements more men and women. The heel, mid-foot and forefoot sections of this shoe have medium widths, allowing it to be more accommodating of runners who have medium sized feet. Its semi-curved shape adheres to the natural curve of the human foot.

Carbon Rubber is the material used for the outsole unit of the Puma Flare Filtered. It’s a very durable rubber unit that’s highly resistant to abrasion and wear. Placed on the entire external surface of the sole unit, it efficiently shields the mid-sole from damage, while also delivering traction.
A transition line is placed the outsole. It mimics the natural stride of the runner, making the ride much smoother and easier.

The SPRK foam is a full-length unit that’s responsible for making sure that the foot receives pliable and plush cushioning. It supports the foot, as well, keeping it safe from any discomfort while taking each step. Responsible shock attenuation is also given by this high quality foam.

The filtered mesh upper is a breathable cover system that allows air to enter the shoe in order to keep the foot cool and dry. It has an appealing design that’s sure to catch the eye.

A traditional lacing system adjusts the way the upper coverage hugs the foot. It causes the upper fabrics to move along with it as it’s tightened or loosened, providing a customizable fit.

A pull-tab on the heel collar area allows the runner to wear and take off the shoe with ease. One only needs to hold the tab in order to add some assistance.