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5 reasons to buy

  • Numerous wearers like the Puma Fast Rider Source for the overall comfort and style it provides.
  • Many users are happy with how lightweight this low-top is.
  • The majority of the shoe hunters are impressed with the durable quality of materials in this version of the Puma Fast Rider.
  • A couple of testers point out that this is a nice spinoff to the Puma Whirlwind.
  • Although possessing the classic makeup, the Fast Rider Source is reasonably priced, shares some purchasers.

2 reasons not to buy

  • Some reviewers find the color schemes too loud and prefer lighter or basic hues.
  • A few buyers mention the limitation on size availabilities.

Bottom line

Coming from Puma’s line of running-inspired footwear, the Fast Rider Source features a classic silhouette that transcends generation and fashion. Even with some modern touches to this reimagined version, the comfort and style it affords the wearer still remain. 

Besides, one does not need to spend too much, despite the vintage appeal it exudes, for it comes at an affordable price point.

User reviews:

Good to know

Puma Fast Rider Source is exclusively available in men’s sizing. However, given the simple color options and the timeless silhouette, women can opt to cop this as well. For a more accurate measurement, it is best to go through the site’s size chart.

Apart from the form, this iteration also boasts of comfort through Puma’s revolutionary shock-absorbing Federbein outsole.

One major advantage when retro models retain its classic silhouette is the ageless appeal to a wide range of generations. The older market will want to wear the Fast Rider Source primarily for nostalgia, while the younger consumers want to cop this for the vintage vibe feels.

  • Individuals who grew up in the late 80s can simply don on a pair of the Fast Rider Source in a white-coral red hue with a classic blue denim jeans folded at the seams, and a Star Wars tee to complete the nostalgic mood.
  • Since the younger market is more fashion-conscious, they can go as wildly as matching a straight cut black denim pants folded up to the ankle to show off gray socks with a Fast Rider Source blue-white on feet.

At first glance, this remake also strikes a resemblance with another Puma Classic, the Puma Easy Rider. No surprises there since both shoes were released around the same time.

However, one main feature of the Puma Fast Rider Source retained from the OG is the shock-absorbing Federbein outsole. Also, both designs have suede and synthetic leather overlays as reinforcements.

This retro version features a white midsole contrasting the upper hue, while the Fast Rider OG midsole bleeds along with the upper color. The Fast Rider Source features a nylon upper material as the Fast Rider has textile.

Joining Puma’s roster of classic shoes, the Puma Fast Rider was released in 1980 initially to cater to street runners. 

Along with the Rider release, Puma also launched the Federbein outsole -- an inverted V pattern that provided traction, stability, and grip. It imitates automotive suspension to give a more cushioned road feel. 

The running world took notice of the Rider not only for the revolutionary trainer technology, but because the studs on the sole were great for the tracks, the roads, and the trails, making it an all-terrain running shoe. 

To top it off, runners noticed how lightweight the shoe felt on the feet. Runner’s World Magazine gave it a 5-star rating as one of the lightest (278.7 grams) and most comfortable shoes.

                 Retro releases

                 OG Pack

  • OG Pack release in 2019
  • Colorway releases: blue/yellow and black/orange

                 OG with a twist

  • As part of Puma’s Futro -- Future Retro -- line, Puma releases Future Rider and Style Rider
  • With vivid color-blocking and chunkier layout, it caters to a more younger generation.

In the first quarter of 2020, Puma released the Fast Rider Source as an addition to its relaunch of the Rider collection.                 

  • Insoles feature textile lining for added comfort.
  • Minimal padding on the collar allows for more ankle movement while being protected.

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