Who should buy the PUMA Evospeed Star 6

The PUMA Evospeed Star 6 is a multi-purpose track and field shoe great for:

  • sprints, short distance, long distance, and hurdles 
  • 400 meters to 10k distances 
  • jumping matches

PUMA Evospeed Star 6 PUMA

Profile of the PUMA Evospeed Star 6

Use – Designed as a multi-purpose track and field shoe, the PUMA Evospeed Star 6 functions in a variety of track and field meets. 

The running events it covers range from 400 meters to 10k distances. Although touted as a running spike, it can also perform in jumping matches.

Spike Plate – This track shoe is outfitted with a 6-pin Pebax plate that runs full-length. It helps power the propulsion of the contender with its rigid yet lightweight composition. 

PUMA Evospeed Star 6 profile

Updates to the PUMA Evospeed Star 6 

  • To better the cushioning and durability of the track spike, a die-cut EVA foam has been integrated into the midsole. 
  • Equipped to the high-wear areas of the shoe is the EverTrack high-abrasion rubber. It helps resist the naturally hazardous elements on the track surfaces, as well as, the running spike’s natural wear and tear.

PUMA Evospeed Star 6 updates

Precise and highly breathable fit

The PUMA Evospeed Star 6 runs in men’s sizing scale in standard width. It is advised that women go 1.5 sizes down to secure proper fit and size.

PUMA Evospeed Star 6 breathable fit

Enabling the track shoe’s precise and highly breathable fit is the mesh upper it utilizes. It wraps comfortably around the natural shape and contours of the foot to permit security. The tacked-down suede tongue of the running spike provides a superior fit.

Evospeed Star 6 comes with removable spike pins

Two components comprise the outsole of the Evospeed Star 6. These are the full-length Pebax plate and EverTrack high-abrasion rubber.

PUMA Evospeed Star 6 comes with removable spike pins

The spike plate of the shoe is intended for housing the sprinting platform’s removable spike pins. It contains 6 spike receptacles, aiding in the varying needs of the runners. 

Aggressive traction

The general configuration of the plate is also meant for high-strength, aggressive traction. With its lightweight makeup, it does not weigh the athlete down, thus promoting more efficiency in each stride.

PUMA Evospeed Star 6 aggressive traction 

The EverTrack high-abrasion rubber is placed strategically on high-wear areas of the outsole. This is to help withstand the abrasive elements on the tracks to keep the quality and longevity of the shoe.

Mitigates ground impact

A die-cut EVA foam is embedded on the midsole of the PUMA Evospeed Star 6. This midsole foam has shock-mitigating properties that protect the foot from injury during impact.

PUMA Evospeed Star 6 midsole

It also employs minimal weight, adhering to the overall featherlight engineering of the track shoe. It also has durable attributes that heighten the strength of the running spike even more.

PUMA Evospeed Star 6 ensures lockdown, irritation-free fit

Still maintaining the same upper composition with its predecessor, the Evospeed Star 6 is wrapped with mesh material. It promotes breathability within the platform, allowing a healthy foot environment.

PUMA Evospeed Star 6 ensures lockdown, irritation-free fit

It also has foot-conforming characteristics that better the security and fit of the spike. For lockdown, irritation-free fit, the upper is furnished with a tacked-down suede tongue. It also allows the wearer to have sockless usage.

Facts / Specs

Closure: Lace-up
Event: Running
Features: Removable Spikes
Surface: Rubber
Use: Sprints, Long Distance, Hurdles, Short Distance

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Zack Dunn
Zack Dunn

I race distances between 800 meters and 10K whether it be on the track, the roads, or on cross country courses. My typical training consists of easy days, long days, workouts (fartleks, tempos, interval training, etc.). My typical training paces range from 7’30 a mile on easy days to sub-5 minutes a mile on fast interval days, and with many paces in between. I run anywhere from 40-60 miles a week. My personal bests are 2:00 for 800m, 4:30 for 1600m, 9:50 for 3200m, 15:57 for 5K, and 34:10 for 10K.