Who should buy the Puma Evospeed Sprint 7

The Puma Evospeed Sprint 7 is a reliable track shoe perfect for:

  • sprinting meets
  • short-distance running meets and hurdles

Puma Evospeed Sprint 7 puma

Profile of the Puma Evospeed Sprint 7

Use – As suggested by the name, the Evospeed Sprint 7 is perfect for sprinting meets. It can also generate robust performance in short-distance running meets and hurdles. 

Spike Type – The track shoe follows the standard spike requirement in track running matches. It features pyramid pins that are ¼ inch in length, optimizing featherlight grip. The same spike pins are present in the Adidas Distancestar. 

Spike Plate – Furnished to the outsole is a Pebax plate, promoting durability and traction. It has an eight-pin layout, hosting the changeable spikes of the track shoe. This is intended for featherlight, multi-surface grip.

Puma Evospeed Sprint 7 profile

Updates to the Puma Evospeed Sprint 7

  • For better grip on the track surface, the Evospeed Sprint 7 sports a reconfigured Pebax plate. It presents an eight-pin engineering for versatile traction. Moreover, cut-outs are also incorporated for better flex and lighter weight. 
  • Embedded within the midsole is a die-cut EVA sockliner. This cushioned footbed promotes shock mitigation and comfort. Its engineering also offers lessened bulk for drag prevention. 
  • The rest of the running spike’s construction is patterned after its predecessor. Its outsole is still furnished with sharkskin for better grip and slip resistance. 
  • The upper configuration still integrates a one-piece microfiber upper, keeping the foot securely in place.

Puma Evospeed Sprint 7 updates

Offers customizable fit

The Puma Evospeed Sprint 7 is designed using the standard width for both men and women. Thus, purchasers can get a pair with their usual size preference.

Puma Evospeed Sprint 7 Offers customizable fit

For a customizable fit, a classic lace-up fastening system is introduced to the upper composition. Lockdown is also delivered by the one-piece microfiber upper, following the natural pattern of the foot. 

Evospeed Sprint 7 delivers better propulsion

A die-cut sockliner provides an adaptive fit, preventing premature shoe removal. Similar to most track running platforms, the Evospeed Sprint 7 is equipped with a Pebax plate.

Puma Evospeed Sprint 7 adaptive fit

It runs full-length, acting as the protective layer of the shoe. It has a good blend of rigidity and lightness for better propulsion. It also exhibits cut-outs that are meant for flexibility, aiding in the comfort of the runner. 

Amplified stability

The spike plate of the running shoe is supplemented by the sharkskin outsole. The same technical element is present in the Nike Zoom Matumbo 3. It enhances the slip resistance of the track spike for amplified stability.

Puma Evospeed Sprint 7 spike plate

The midsole of the Puma Evospeed Sprint 7 is made of CMEVA midsole. It consists of melted TPU pellets that are heated then cooled down in a mold.

Responsive and shock mitigating

This component promotes the responsiveness of the sprint spike. With its composition, it also heightens shock attenuation, protecting the foot from trauma.

Puma Evospeed Sprint 7 Responsive and shock mitigating

Embedded on the foot chamber is a die-cut EVA insole. This footbed is recognized for being extremely light while maximizing sturdiness. It cushions the underfoot, optimizing comfort. It also betters the fit of the track shoe.

Puma Evospeed Sprint 7 offers comfort and security

Similar to its predecessor, the Evospeed Sprint 7 is comprised of a one-piece microfiber upper. This material envelopes around the foot, highlighting plushness and security. It keeps weight at an absolute minimum, adhering to the design principle of the sprint spike.

Puma Evospeed Sprint 7 offers comfort and security

Its construction also solicits maximum ventilation within the foot chamber, wicking away sweat for an odor-free platform. A traditional lacing system is implemented on the upper for a dialed-in, accurate fit.

Facts / Specs

Weight: Men 6.5oz
Update: Puma Evospeed Sprint 10
Closure: Lace-up
Event: Running
Features: Removable Spikes
Spike Type: Pyramid

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Zack Dunn

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