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Update: Puma Evospeed High Jump 6
Closure: Hook and loop, Lace-up
Event: Jumping
Features: Removable Spikes
Use: High Jump
Price: $135
Brand: Puma
Colorways: Black
Small True to size Large
Neutral Stable
Stiff Flexible
Durability 6/10
Comfort 7/10
Traction 9/10
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Use - As its name suggests, the Puma Evospeed High Jump 5 powers the athlete’s performance in jumping events. With its engineering, it maximizes the ability of the jumper in high jumps. 

Spike Plate - Configured like most track and field spikes, a Pebax® plate is supplemented to the shoe’s outsole. It has 11 spike wells for versatile and maximum traction. The composition of the spike plate also enables propulsion. 

  • Contrary to its predecessor, the Puma Evospeed High Jump 5 is designed with the idea of maximizing the power of the jumper. With its components, it generates unmatched propulsion and traction. 
  • Designed with aerodynamic synthetic upper, the jumping shoe delivers a comfortable, snug wrap around the foot. 
  • One of the elements maintained by the track shoe from the series’ previous model is its midfoot strap. It secures the foot in place, preventing unwanted removal. 

The fifth iteration to the Evospeed High Jump lineup is available unisex sizing. However, it follows the men’s standard width. Thus, it is recommended for women to deduct 1.5 from their usual size preference. 

The aerodynamic synthetic upper of the track spike is responsible for its foot-conforming ability. Complementing the material is the strap that runs across the midfoot. It keeps the foot locked down in place for security. 

Outfitted with a Pebax® plate like most track and field shoes, the Evospeed High Jump 5 is expected to supplement aggressive traction. The plate keeps a good rigidity-to-weight ratio, which essentially means that it’s propulsive and at the same lightweight. 

The spike plate is also known for its flexible properties, promoting natural foot flex. It follows the same plate design with the collection’s previous model. It still contains 11 spike receptacles for versatile grip, to accommodate the different needs of the jumpers. 

To better the traction of the shoe, it has sharkskin outsole in its heel area. Slip resistance is the focus of such outsole material. It is also found in other renowned track spikes such as the Nike Zoom D and Nike Zoom Matumbo 3

Sporting an aerodynamic synthetic upper, the Evospeed High Jump 5 follows the natural contours and shape of the foot. It improves the security of the shoe, preventing any shoe slippage and premature removal. Because of its makeup, it does not restrict the foot movements of the jumper. 

Helping enhance the fit of track and field jumping shoe, even more, is its midfoot strap. It is made out of a Velcro strap that runs across the midfoot. It keeps the foot in place, as well as provide a customizable fit.