Profile of the Puma Evospeed Electric 8

Use - The Puma Evospeed Electric 8 pledges extreme power return and lightweight security. Such a design principle is intended for robust performance in sprinting meets. 

Spike Type - There are eight pyramid spike pins assigned to the track running shoe. These pins are ¼ inch in length and are perfect for rubber track surfaces. These are responsible for lightweight, aggressive surface traction. 

Spike Plate - To maximize durability and grip, an eight-pin Pebax® plate is equipped to the outsole. This component optimizes the propulsion of the sprinter.

Notable Features

The highlights of the Evospeed Electric 8’s configuration are high-performance traction, lockdown, and comfort. These attributes have been pronounced with the help of the track shoe's componentry. 

The sprint shoe’s Pebax® plate is intended for a good balance of rigidity and weight. With such makeup, it helps prevent drag from occurring. 

Adhering to the featherlight composition of the sprint spike, a synthetic leather upper is incorporated. This also promotes breathability within the foot chamber.

Cemented to the platform, a die-cut EVA sockliner poses for cushioning and responsiveness. Such qualities amplify the pace of the runner.

Size and fit

Identical to the Nike Zoom Victory Elite 2, the Evospeed Electric 8 only runs in men’s sizing scheme. It is designed using the standard width and women are advised to deduct 1.5 from their usual size preference. 

For an adaptive, accurate fit, a synthetic leather upper is utilized by the Puma Evospeed Electric 8. Its die-cut EVA sockliner also heightens the supportive fit of the running spike. For lockdown, a classic lace-up fastening system is introduced.


A polymer-based spike plate is furnished to the Evospeed Electric 8—Pebax® plate. It has an eight-pin construction that optimizes the speed of the runner. It employs a sufficient amount of stiffness that boosts the pace of the sprinter. It maintains a light profile so that the runner can conserve energy and last in the competition.


Embedded on the midsole of the Puma Evospeed Electric 8 is a die-cut EVA sockliner. This midsole element is distinguished for keeping weight at a minimum while optimizing comfort. It cushions the underfoot and serves shock-mitigating qualities, protecting the foot from possible injuries.


The upper is fashioned in a seamless manner, eliminating possibilities of irritation and blister development. Synthetic leather material acts as the coverage of the platform. It is an ultra-light upper component that supplements breathability and lockdown security. Its flexibility allows for it to wrap around the contours of the foot.

For pronounced comfort, a soft-on-skin microsuede lining is implemented on the Evospeed Electric 8’s upper construction. 

A traditional lace-up closure, meanwhile, is utilized to push the foot into the midsole for security. It also prevents the possibility of unwanted shoe removal.


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