We spent 8.5 hours reading reviews from experts and users. In summary, this is what football players think:

6 reasons to buy

  • The reviewers’ consensus is that the Puma EvoSpeed 4.5 Trick FG football boot provides a comfortable fit for its wearers.
  • A significant number of players revealed that the pair is lightweight.
  • Another praised the Puma EvoSpeed 4.5 Tricks FG football boot’s look especially its color and overall aesthetic.
  • One wearer commended the ball touch provided by this model.
  • The pair belongs to a budget-friendly price range.
  • Additionally, one patron remarked that this shoe is a definite bang for the buck.

3 reasons not to buy

  • A recurring comment from a majority of the reviewers is about how the Puma EvoSpeed 4.5 FG football boot comes in about a half to one size small.
  • One player raised a durability issue with his pair already falling apart after several sessions of regular use.
  • Another observed that the cleat takes a bit of time for break-in.

Bottom line

The playful Puma EvoSpeed 4.5 Tricks FG football boot has proved that you don’t need expensive cleats to get attention and comfort on the pitch. This budget-friendly pair brings a soft and comfy feel through its synthetic leather upper as reported by a majority of its users. The different hues incorporated into the upper have also been highly praised by players. While one user did point out that his pair didn’t last long, several have chimed in that the shoe brings good value considering its price. If you’re looking to stand out in the firm ground arena without the steep price tag, this cleat is one great choice.


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    Puma EvoPower

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  • Price
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Features of the Puma EvoSpeed 4.5 Tricks Firm Ground

  • The synthetic upper of the Puma EvoSpeed 4.5 Tricks football boot brings a unique look and feel for its wearers. Described by the brand as suited for the players looking to be loud on the pitch, it produces a one of a kind look by sporting a dual-colored upper. Each boot in a pair sports a different and vivid main color but still manages to bring a cohesive effect.
  • In the creation of the synthetic leather upper, the designer’s goal is to mimic the feel of natural leather with the added benefit of being water-resistant. The upper material of this model is no different. The soft material brings comfort to players while protecting the foot.
  • A central lacing system is also made available to further the shoe’s fit.
  • A combination of bladed and conical studs are placed into the Pebax outsole which is designed to bring traction on firm natural grounds.  

Fit and sizing

The Puma EvoSpeed 4.5 Trick FG football boot brings a comfortable fit through its synthetic leather upper. The pair is available in men’s sizes. Aiding the shoe’s fit is a central lacing system incorporated into the cleat’s upper.

In terms of sizing, a significant number of reviewers shared that the boot comes in about a half to a full size small. So, it is recommended to check the boot’s fit before buying a pair.


The Pebax outsole of the firm ground version of the Puma EvoSpeed 4.5 Tricks football boot is designed to be lightweight. The elastomer is also created to enhance responsiveness to the player’s movements.

Traction is brought about by a 12-stud configuration which is composed of bladed and conical studs. The inner heel consists of bladed studs while the outer heel area is composed of conical studs. A more diverse arrangement is incorporated into the forefoot with two bladed studs placed near the mid foot while the rest of forefoot area is composed of conical studs including one in the middle.


The attention-grabbing, dual-colored upper of the Puma EvoSpeed 4.5 Tricks FG football boot is no accident. The way the upper of this model is colored is a principal identifier of the Puma Tricks series. The two-toned shoes are inspired by the well-known Cameroonian footballer Rigobert Song’s cleats during the 1998 World Cup. When the celebrated player opted to wear different colored Puma King boots on the pitch, it made a big impression on everyone - precisely what the Puma Tricks series aim to do for players on the pitch.

Created out of a synthetic leather upper that mimics the feel of natural leather, this football boot brings a lightweight and comfortable feel to its wearers. The low top construction paired with a central lacing system delivers a secure fit as well.

Additional Info

  • The Puma EvoSpeed 4.5 Tricks FG football boot is available in the safety yellow/ pink glo/ black colorway.