Top: Low
Surface: Firm Ground
Collection: Puma EvoSpeed
Lacing System: Laced
Price: $250
Brand: Puma
Small True to size Large
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  • With the way Puma has built the EvoSpeed 17.1 SL Firm Ground, it is obviously for the “big match days” of a soccer player’s life. This soccer cleat is equipped with tech specs that are meant to provide exceptional speed and striking capability.
  • To start off, it took advantage of a super lightweight textile for its upper. This is like a paper-thin material intentionally used to make the cleat super light in weight that it feels like there is nothing on the player’s feet.
  • Internally, the SpeedFRAME structure is installed. It provides support and stability for this thin cleat while keeping the foot in place.
  • Another feature of this soccer cleat is the support strips added to the front and toe box area. These strips provide enhanced durability to make this version of the EvoSpeed last longer compared to the old SL cleats.
  • On its base, Puma has installed a nylon soleplate. It also features a mix of bladed and conical studs as well as two SPEEDTRACK spines in the middle. These are meant to provide excellent traction, flexibility, and support, specifically in the toe box and heel area.

The Puma EvoSpeed 17.1 SL Firm Ground comes in the standard sizes. It is available in men’s version. It fits true to size but offers quite a narrow fit that might not be very comfortable for those with wider feet. It is also fitted with a central lacing system like other firm ground models, including the Under Armour Magnetico Pro Firm Ground and the Mizuno Rebula 2 V2 Firm Ground, which gives players the comfort of an adjustable fit. Moreover, its thin tongue provides minimal padding around the midfoot.

A nylon soleplate lines the base of the Puma EvoSpeed 17.1 SL. This soleplate is engineered to perfect sharp and quick cuts of the attacking players.

The soleplate is also engineered with a stud configuration that combines conical and bladed studs and SPEEDTRACK spines to deliver superior traction on the firm ground pitch.

The SPEEDTRACK spines are placed in the middle part of the soccer cleat. They are meant to provide resilience in the toe box and more support for the heel area.

As part of its purpose, Puma designed the upper of this soccer cleat with a lightweight textile. This material is paper thin making the cleat extremely lightweight and ideal for attacking players. With a thin upper, players get to feel every part of the ball and achieve maximum control to execute the most powerful strikes.

  • Players who were seen wearing the Puma EvoSpeed 17.1 SL FG were the known attacking threats Sergio Aguero and Marcos Reus.
  • This soccer cleat weighs 3.5 ounces.