Who should buy the Puma Enzo Weave

The Enzo Weave comes in both male and female versions. An update to the brand’s acclaimed Puma Enzo workout shoe. It is a solid option if:

  • Your workout routine is carried out on smooth surfaces and you need a shoe that offers extra protection and grip.
  • Your fitness regimen includes a variety of activities that require you to perform multidirectional maneuvers.
  • You are looking for a not-so-expensive shoe yet offers outstanding quality.

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Updates to the Puma Enzo Weave

  • This iteration employs a new woven fabric with a thicker thread and larger ventilation pores for enhanced support and breathability. It also makes the upper feel and looks softer.

Puma Enzo Weave Updates1

Slip-resistant outsole

The Enzo Weave utilizes rubber to protect the bottom of the platform. It is made to be hard-wearing and slip-resistant. The lugs in the forefoot are meant to maximize traction.

Puma Enzo Weave Outsole1

The toe area and the heel are reinforced with pods made of carbon rubber. It is an even more durable material that is similar in composition to car tires. These pods deliver extra protection and grip on smooth surfaces.

The design of the outsole includes both horizontal and vertical flex grooves. They allow the sole to bend in multiple directions, accommodating various training activities.

Puma Enzo Weave Outsole2

Stabilized cushioned platform

A lightweight EVA foam makes up the midsole of the Puma Enzo Weave. It is a full-length compound which provides cushioning and impact protection. At the same time, it is made to be somewhat firm to render a steady platform.

Puma Enzo Weave Midsole2

Inside the shoe is the Soft Foam insole. It complements the main cushioning unit by adding underfoot padding, comfort, and breathability.

Puma Enzo Weave Insole2

Breathable upper

The Puma Enzo Weave makes use of a woven fabric with a soft, thick thread and large knots to create structured coverage for the foot. The material is also made to be breathable and flexible to offer a pleasant wearing experience.

Puma Enzo Weave Upper1

Supportive collar

The ankle receives support from the exaggerated height of the front and back portions of the collar. The padding in this section also ensures that the heel doesn’t slip out of the shoe.

Elastic inserts are added on both sides of the collar to help it stretch when the trainer is put on or removed. Synthetic pull tabs are meant to assist the on-and-off action.

Puma Enzo Weave Collar2

The Puma Enzo Weave's overlays

Synthetic overlays wrap around the heel and the sides of the footwear. They contribute to the support provided by the woven fabric, while also protecting it from abrasion.

Puma Enzo Weave Overlays2

Enhanced lateral support

The midfoot overlays are connected with a lacing system. They enhance lateral support when the laces are pulled tight.

Puma Enzo Weave Lacing System

Facts / Specs

Weight: 8oz
Base model: Puma Enzo
Use: Workout / Gym / Cross-training
Width: Normal
Features: Lightweight
BRAND Brand: Puma
Colorways: Black / Red / White

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