Updates to Puma Ember Trail

The Puma Ember Trail is a product that is designed for those who like to take to the trails. The elements that make this shoe a potentially formidable partner for outdoor adventures include the mesh upper with stitched-on leather overlays and the off-road optimized outsole. The colorful and fashion-forward looks allow this model to also be used for urban escapades. Furthermore, the coordinates for the Puma HQ have been printed on the back.

Size and fit

Runners can use their usual sizing expectations when it comes to the Puma Ember Trail. This product is designed to accommodate the foot and keep it secure. Still, it could be helpful to test it first or discover what other people think of the aspect of size (via reviews) to enjoy a welcoming in-shoe experience.

When it comes to the sideways fit, this product uses a semi-curved platform shape and a reinforced upper to evoke foot-security and continuous support. There are stitched-on overlays, so getting extra stretch from the fabrics may be a challenge.


The outsole unit of the Puma Ember Trail is made of rubber. The purpose of this layer is to shield the midsole unit from the abrasive nature of the trails. Traction is a natural trait that always helps with the overall confidence of the runner when it comes to taking each step through the unpredictable terrain.

Gripping lugs pockmark the external pad. These nodes are tasked with improving the surface grip, their angled ends acting like nondescript claws that adhere to the ground. The flattened tips of these lugs permit quick and effortless transitions to the asphalt.


The midsole unit of this Puma running shoe is made of ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA). The job of this shoe-part is to cushion the foot as it lands on the ground, then affording it with some bounce-back mechanics to energize the forefoot lift. A generous stack height ensures the distance between the foot and the surface, thus averting discomfort due to stone bruising or constant exposure to the uneven topography. EVA is an industry-standard accoutrement that is featured in many running shoe series, including the Clifton from Hoka One One.


The upper unit of the Puma Ember Trail is made of mesh. This element has the goal of hugging the foot securely and keeping it in place. It has tiny holes for ventilation.

Synthetic leather is stitched onto the front, sides, and back of this product. The purpose of the inclusion of these layers is to bolster the durability of the facade. They also help in locking the foot inside the interior compartment.

Circular cords snake through stitched fabric loops that are on the sides of this shoe. This system allows the runner to quickly adjust the tightness or looseness of the cover system without putting too much pressure on the bridge of the foot.

Pull tabs on the back and tongue unit are meant to facilitate a quick on-and-off experience.


The current trend of Puma Ember Trail.
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Jens Jakob Andersen

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